A thread crossing the moon

a thread crossing the moon

The Moon is already shattering in lunar pieces. White rocks falling near to me, wanting to die in obstreperous kiss to forget the eons of silent marriage.

I’m outside and I won’t search a roof. I know you are real, I know I’ll hear one last time your voice enlightening my night of lunar dust.

18 thoughts on “A thread crossing the moon

    1. Merci Sylvie. Once a friend in another part of the world shot the moon that same day. Since then to me it’s a symbol of something shared despite the distance. Hoping you are having a nice weekend under the same moon :-)

  1. I think you are “the man in the moon”. I always wanted to know how you reach the moon. Now I know it. Thanks for that, Francis. Nice poetry and paint alike photo. Nice weekend. Reinhold

    1. Thanks Reinhold. I didn’t know about that movie (in that age I used to see action movies and actually I still see them :D)
      Thanks very much for the compliment about my words although I consider them just thoughts in a language I barely can be able to write, said that I’m happy you liked them. Twilights made great tones for silhouettes.
      Nice weekend too Reinhold there in the lands of the North. Greetings, Francis.

      1. Haha Francis, I wasn’t writing about a film, I saw you as the man in the moon, climbing up the thread to reach it. I tried to be funny. But may be I should try this in my language and not in English. Sorry about this. There was less meaning behind my words than you assumed. Alles ist gut. Reinhold from the lands of the North. (very nice title), thanks a lot.

      2. Oh, I see we had our first cultural shock :- D In Peru we haven’t the tradition to see the man in the moon and I searched in google and the first reference was a Hollywood movie. In Peru the tradition sees the Moon (K’illa)as a woman. Now I remember to Borges saying that German is the only language where the moon, der mond, is masculine.
        In fact it was quite funny because in my country the expression “this man is in the moon” means that he’s quite dumb and it seems that I confirmed it XD.
        Thanks for the laughs and for make me learn more this day Reinhold. Greetings from the far South, Francis.

    1. haha, no! Poetry has metrics, extensions, rules for declamation. My knowledge of English is pretty basic and my knowledge of Poetry and its rules tends to zero. My words, the same as my photographs and images, just are thoughts that I make for fun, the only thing I do professionally is architecture and nothing else, there I can argue and defend my designs. The rest is just fun of a day.
      Thanks Dan. Hoping you’re having a nice weekend.

  2. Bonjour-Hola FR – THE poet!:-) I love your posts ’cause you always combine images & poetic texts…

    my quick and ad-hoc translation:

    La Lune s’écrase en morceaux lunaires. Des roches blanches tombent près de moi, souhaitant périr dans un baiser bruyant, incontrôlable – afin d’oublier les instants d’une union silencieuse. Je suis dehors et je ne vais pas me chercher un toit. Je sais que tu es réelle, je sais que je vais entendre une dernière fois ta voix éclairer ma nuit de poussière lunaire…

    1. Bonjour Mélanie. I love your poetic soul of romantic dreamer and adventurous explorer :-)
      Your translations are quite beautiful and I’m feel honored for your words. I read your words in French like a sweet whisper, the Lune seems like feathery. Thanks very much lady in the ville rose.

    1. Thanks :-) I guess more for a question of your schedule, usually after the blue hour. Said that the contamination of the city also “enhance” the colors :D

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