The night of the little ears

the night of the little ears

The cat a time ago had some kittens. They were like tweens and had the same colors of their mom. Once they climbed my legs and slept on my lap (thanks for the word Fragglerocking) and she came frightened and grabbed them from the neck to her secret place. I hope they’re well treated in their homes.

7 thoughts on “The night of the little ears

  1. are the twin kittens and their mom yours, FR?… I’m a catlover – à la vie, à la mort and I do hope they’re not abandonned…

    1. I’m a catlover too :-). But the cat and one of her sons are owned by my brother (although with cats it seems they are the masters :D) The other kittens were adopted by other persons after a pair of months due he couldn’t give them enough resources of time. He says that they’re well treated fortunately.

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