17 thoughts on “Moon walking a feathery road

  1. Hello Francis! I like your photo, but I always do. I have to mention….the moon doesn’t care about any of us. She’s just a big,cold rock in the sky who only lights up because the sun is shining on her.
    Big hug from Ecuador :)

    1. Hello Melissa :-) Thanks for the compliment, of course the moon doesn’t care about us. It was more a symbolism about a person, a way to say without saying perhaps :D
      Said that, wow! Ecuador! You are not in the end of the world but in the middle of the world ;-) There’re good people there, I wish you a great and happy adventure. Take care. Greetings, Francis.
      Post-Data: Thanks for write, I guess you are barely there and looking for schedules and hotels, transport and the stuff needed when you travel to another countries ;-)

      1. Yes, I get the symbolism about the moon and my advice to you about this person was embedded in my response, but I guess it didn’t translate. Ah well!
        Yes! I couldn’t get on a bus to Chachapoyas, so I scrapped my plans and went north. I think it’s good to shake things up a bit :)

      2. Oh, it seems these days I’m in the moon )(en la Luna de Paita/in Paita’s moon was used to say) XD. Now I get it, thanks Melissa for the advice ^_^.
        Cuenca has fame to be quite beautiful, I don’t remember another city near the frontier. I like to think that I’d do the same as you, if a door closes then I should open another one. I hope you enjoy a lot Ecuador, perhaps you could get a Panama hat for you, if you don’t have one, I don’t know but I think I can remember a hat. Thanks for everything :-)

      3. That’s not quite what I was trying to say, but whatever makes you feel better XD
        Good guess! Cuenca is lovely, and just today I was thinking about buying a new hat :)
        Ahhh! But why are you writing as though I’m leaving forever ? :P I’ll get back to Peru- half my stuff is still there!

      4. I think you wanted to say that I shouldn’t give it much importance. The importance I give to her is not from her, but based in my interest, her light is not hers but mine. Did I nail it :-) ? About to be in the moon it was in reference to myself, because I didn’t understand you in the first comment :-D
        Is funny the hats that Hollywood stars use are from Ecuador but they are called “Panama” style. Seems like a story to read in Readers Digest XP
        Forever… perhaps. Is common in the south, we don’t know how is going to be the future so our farewells are a bit dramatic I guess XD Well, see you later ;-)

      5. Way to go! You nailed it :) Thank goodness – I don’t think I could have expressed it in Spanish:P
        You’re right- we don’t know the future, but I can safely say that my plans involve returning to Peru.
        See you later :)

    1. A song of 1982, one year before my birth. In the few hours that there was electricity I remember that people used to put music like salsa or similar, and they had lyrics so terrible, lol. There was one whose chorus was “chicken with potatos” another was “soup of snail!” and “Juana la cubana” and I felt lucky for the lack of energy XD
      Thanks for the nice melody kind lady, yep, I think it resembles in words the image of the photograph :-)

    1. Thanks Reinhold. In some weeks I’d like to publish a longer post about that mountain. I hope you have been a nice Monday and having a great week. Greetings. Francis.

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