Yanahuara – Main square of volcanic ashlar

ashlars arches tinted of orange morning painting the floor with shadows

ashlars arches tinted of orange morning painting the floor with shadows

After my travel to Ilo in exchange of a favor I had to verify data in return in the Yanahuara’s City Hall. It’s a district in Arequipa city. I don’t like so much the sun of the morning in the desert, nor to make bureaucratic requests. But I had to go there so I took some pics of the plaza in the morning.

council of palm trees judging red man

Council of palm trees judging red man

I imagine the high council condemned to the red man to a wooden jail. Yanahuara is a residential district whose history spans to pre-Hispanic times. National tourists like to get some photos in the Gazebo because it looks colonial but actually was made in the seventies XP

Energy in wood

energy in wood

Tables of light

tables of light

I saw a nice sculpture, but there is no reference to the sculptor. A search in internet doesn’t reveal nothing neither.

Under the crust

under the crust

Seeing the people run

seeing the people run

The artist made a great work in my opinion. There was a big tree next to the church so I shot it and also I get some details of the colonial, in this case indeed it’s from 1750, church San Juan Bautista.

a tower white and another green

a tower white and another green

Eternal tweens

eternal twins

Light touching the white stone

light touching the white stone

Volcanic fire

volcanic fire

tree praying to a blue temple

tree praying to a blue temple

A tree growing. It makes me think in Odin, a god sacrificing to himself…

Palm army prepared to conquest the world

palm army prepared to conquest the world

Sequence in vermillion

sequence in vermillion

And that was all. I went to fulfill a promise and everything finished well. Time to fly before the midday sun in the white blinding stone.

arrangement of colors and a closed door

arrangement of colors and a closed door

27 thoughts on “Yanahuara – Main square of volcanic ashlar

    1. Thanks, the design is just a free template. It’s called The Tonal Theme. About your blog it seems that it’s for selling books and it looks nice too. Sorry for the time but the system classified your comments as spam. It use to happens when there are links or certain words to promote. Thanks for your understanding.

    1. That made me remember to Le Corbusier “Architecture is the (,,,) play of masses brought together in light” Although, according to the photographs I saw about his oeuvre, I’m not much a fan of him. Thanks Salva.

      1. As every body, but I’m not fan not because I think he’s not a genius, but simply his architecture was logical in the crowded European cities after second war but here in the unpopulated South America with people that loves colors and dances has not much sense, not without changing his principles at least.

  1. Wow! Even in the morning sun, Arequipa looks completely white washed. Es bueno saberlo.
    What is the man in red being judged for?
    My favorite photo by far is “Energy in Wood” – XD It reminds me of a character called Buckwheat in “The Little Rascals”.

    1. The watchers didn’t allow me to be closer to the judgment, perhaps he drew a heart in a palm :D Yes, it’s so white, sometimes I’d like glasses to tone down the light B-)
      I saw the color movie and it was quite funny! The author of the tree “haircut” is the City Hall, sure they saw too the old ones in black and white XD
      Thanks Melissa :-)

  2. Which type of glasses is your camera wearing? The shadows in your photos are not that harsh I thought they had to be in that bright sun. A wonderful journey through architecture and imbedded nature. Thanks for sharing, Francis.

    1. Thanks Reinhold. The shadows are more gentle because I went more or less 9 am in the morning and additionally I expose for the shadows :-) For example I overexposed the tree in camera 1 ev to avoid a silhouette. Thanks Reinhold for the words, glad you like the plaza of Yanahuara.

    1. Yes, it’s. I’m going to continue the research of the author. I liked it so much because it gives a relaxed atmosphere to the formal ashlar buildings.

  3. I told, you’re a poet, but do not want to admit!? “Palm army prepared to conquest the world”
    This is a poetic vision, definitely!!!

  4. This time, my favorite is the tree praying to a blue temple… and my second favorite is the energy in wood… both make me wish I were there. I would hug those trees.

    1. Hi Caroline :-) I love trees too, and more when they are really old because more than trees they turn in separate words where you can explore climbing them. A hug would be a nice gesture.

    1. Inese! thank you. I am working a lot, struggling with deadlines. How are you? I hope everything is well there, here in Peru everything seems a bit in the verge of urgency.

      1. Good you have a job, you know. It is quite difficult to find a good job here.
        Yeah, I have read about Alan Garcia…

      2. Truth be told I am working to get approbation to be in the Peruvian association of architects. And I have not job but as a freelance, due the former I cannot have a full time job, but due to the debts I am still paying to the bank I cannot stop to work, hehe a bit complicated but fortunately less than before in which my situation was a bit hopeless. I hope the situation get better there, is sad when one has not safe chance to have enough to get a home and provide a family.
        About Alan Garcia, well, yes. But actually is more about the daily life. Is like somebody put an accelerator to the year xD
        A smile towards you, Inese. And best wishes ^_^

      3. Francis, I hope you have enough freelance jobs to keep you going and to get the approbation.
        I think that the time is accelerating all over the world. It is the demographic thing. Look at the history timeline – the changes correlate with the population numbers. The bigger population, the faster the changes. As we approach the number of 10 B, the radical changes will happen twice during one generation. It is what the scientists say :) You will live to see if it is true :)

      4. There is a decline (to fast to be healthy for the pensions of elders) in population of developed countries. I suspect the same will happen to us after a time as the growth depends much of the growth of developed countries. I hope you will see those changes because your point of view is cherished to me. Is very humane and kind (I tend to be quite rushed) : )

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