12 thoughts on “Threading a doom

    1. Thanks for the kindness. Although I’m sorry to say that I don’t speak the language in which it’s written.
      What did you like about the post?

    1. Thanks for appreciate the details of the landscape Reinhold. It was during our carnival in the Apu (sacred hill) Huaynarroque. The sky was so spectacular that I stopped to see for a while the colors of the dance. Despite the music and noise it was a peaceful moment.

  1. love the muted tones in this shot, and the distinct lines of clouds above the mountains contrast beautifully with the soft clouds spreading across the rest of the sky.

    1. The sunset was close and I felt it like a slow song because the colours and tones. I know how much do you like the light in cloudy days, it’s not exact but is pretty close I think ^_^

  2. I’m discovering that stormy weather makes for much better photos than a sunny day with clear skies. I especially like it when storm clouds threaten all day, but then it never rains. I feel like I’ve gotten away with something :) Do you get many rainstorms in Juliaca?

    1. Good morning Melissa :-) I think it depends a bit about what the soul needs in some moments, stormy weather works pretty good when the ground has no many details or is in shadows like in the photograph. Perhaps in your case in this moment you remembered the relief to have received a kind gesture from the nature or the feeling of a second chance.
      Actually the nick of Juliaca is “the windy city” so when it rains several times they’re rainstorms. Because I like the rain I don’t like to use umbrellas but once when child I went out to the street with one and the wind of the storm annihilate the umbrella XD
      You have seen so many landscapes, I wonder which one makes you feel comfortable :-)

      1. Good morning to you, Francis :) Actually this is a thought that came to mind yesterday when I visited some old Inca ruins not far from Cuenca. Dark skies threatened rain, but it never came. I was happy for this because my eyes prefer less light, but I don’t like to walk around with soggy clothes and shoes :P
        I’m most comfortable with wide open landscapes that offer visibility, landscapes with no great impediments in case I feel like I want to take a long walk. They’re not super-impressive for photography, but with stormy skies….it’s a different story. Have a great day :)

      2. I understand you perfectly, nothing more terrible to stay in a beautiful place with a harmful sun XD
        Thanks, have a great day too ;-)

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