Just do it

just do it

This was when in a travel my bus arrived to Lima city from the south. Lima has millions and millions of habitants… so many people. According to a study there is people there that has never seen the city beyond two or three districts.

I liked the idea that you can rest like a king in middle of the chaotic morning, when everybody is in a rush to go to their works, in several cases travelling even three hours. I know that in other places like China the distances and traffic inside the cities can last days but I mostly live in relatively small cities.

12 thoughts on “Just do it

  1. He looks comfortable, doesn’t he? This was my favorite way to travel when I was a kid, but now it’s sooooo illegal. Kids in th US have to be strapped into car seats for safety. I kind of pity the kids today. Oh sure, they have their video games and mobile devices, but I got to ride around in the back of a truck. Thanks for the bit of nostalgia :)

    1. I traveled like that when I was a kid too. In a truck from Puno to Cusco. It’s strange, is like you are a kind of sultan.
      I guess in Peru it’s also illegal but, well, we’ve fame to have the most beautiful laws but well, it seems that if we want to do something we just do it :D
      I bet that kids have an app or game that simulate that they’re going in the back of trucks. But nothing like live it first hand, like travel in a train or go to the cine to see the movie and not just to talk and in the end get the selfie XP
      Nostalgia, that’s nice, you’re welcome Melissa, hoping you are having a great Ecuadorian night :-)

      1. Puno to Cusco! That’s a long way to go in the back of a truck. We just went to the supermarket. It felt more rebellious than regal to me.
        I don’t think there’s an app for that – lol – maybe you should create one :)
        Peaceful Peruvian night to you, too, Francis.

      2. It was to a group similar to boy scouts, with medals and everything, after that go to the forests of Sicuani and to walk the fields. I was ten years old I think.
        hehe, I’ve an android cell phone and a tablet but I mostly use them to read, I’d prefer to travel in the back of a truck ;-)
        Thanks Melissa :-)

  2. We should really learn to stop from time to time and find peace in anything around us. Both our bodies and minds need it. The man in the picture is definitely doing something right, from this point of view :)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. I was really shocked the first time I had to ride like this guy, it was in Galapagos islands. It felt so unsafe at first, but then, feeling the wind on my face, that was awesome !! Such a great memory :-) I think i will have to blog about that time at one point ;-) South America was my first travelling experience :-)

    1. Happy to awake memories ;-) Of course I remember your “about” section. That travel inspire you to use the name Darwin and started your adventures.

  4. This boy could travel in the back of my motor, and see the lands of history in which I travel each day. The mountains and lakes of Cumbria, the landscapes and castles of Northumbria, the architecture of my city, ah I wish I was a passenger of my own travels!

    1. I was just thinking, it would be better that that boy would be driving your powerful Hummer H1 so we could enjoy your landscapes seen by your eyes :-)

      1. Ah my powerful Humvee is only In reality a Toyota RAV4 4, and no one but me is allowed to drive it, it is my home and soul each day, but I would share my views with a passenger, to share the wonderful scenery I drive through. It is sometimes difficult to see what I see and not have anyone to share it with.

      2. I understand the feeling, because that I always took photographs from windows in my travels. Toyotas are pretty good too.

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