Black castle

black castle


Today I read a quote from the House tv series, he was saying, If I’m not wrong around the time he had hallucinations, in a low and slow tone: “I’m fine, I’m just not happy” And I was thinking that that could represent very well these days. Well, the life is not a series of episodes, it has not endings or beginnings, except the ones we want to give it to our own lives. It just flows and continue across us.

The photograph is from a little bus I took in the frontier to Bolivia toward my home in Juliaca. The blue hour in the green fields of the highlands. The shores of lake Titicaca are closer.

A landscape disappearing in colors of a half forgotten dream.

15 thoughts on “Black castle

    1. Muchas gracias por la gentileza Francisco. Es muy agradable ver los paisajes alrededor del Titicaca.
      Buenas noches y saludos desde Perú.

      1. A mi también me encantaría conocer Buenos Aires; los edificios modernos de Puerto Madero, el viejo sur de Borges, ir al teatro Colón, las lujosas librerías, los cafés, y un largo etcétera. Conozco en todo caso la Buenos Aires literaria de Sábato, Borges y Bioy.
        Bonita noche por allá tocayo :-)

  1. This looks more like a painting than a photo. I like it :) It’s weird that you mention the TV program House…. I watched three episodes on Netflix today. I should’ve been writing, but that show’s so addictive.
    Here’s hoping that you and the lady get together in future episodes of Your Life :) Cheers!

    1. Oh, it’s indeed addictive, I would say that is my Vicodin in tv series XD
      Your post was a beautiful chronicle with beautiful photographs so I think you didn’t lose your time :-)
      Time will say what happens, perhaps something good \n/, perhaps something bad /n\, in any case I’m going to keep calm. Cheers Melissa ^_^

  2. Black castle… Castle black. I can’t help to think about Castle Black and the new episode of Game of thrones tonight !!

    About life, I like to think that it’s made of chapters. And we can decide to close some and write a new one when we want :-)

    1. Oh, you’re right! I read so much about Castle Black that probably for that I thought in name it black castle XD. I’d like to notice before to give it that name. Thanks for the reminder, these days my head has been a bit busy so I forgot about the show.

      Chapters can be a better way to close and open stages. Meanwhile I’ll have a bit of patience. Thanks kind lady.

  3. Deep and dreamy shot, you make me think of Anatole France, “all changes, even the most longed for,have their melancholy,for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves, we must die to one life before we can enter another.”

    1. A F1.4 lens and good high iso response helped n_n. I haven’t read him, but is a thought that express quite well a though I had when child, that after some amount of years we’re different persons, the previous one just living in memories. I’m also influenced by Heraclitus aphorism “No man ever steps in the same river twice” (although perhaps a woman yes? eh Heraclitus? XD) that condense that thought, to be you and at the same time be different. Thanks for everything.

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