12 thoughts on “Skinny tree

    1. I only saw those in tv. I hope the idea is that they help to make them true (although as always one has to be careful with what is desired :D)

    1. That would be nice :D It’s an old place from pre-Hispanic times so according to traditions houses are in hills and the fields are for farming. Hoping you have a nice weekend Reinhold. Francis.

    1. I would wish that nightmares would be erased just wiping power supply lines out, and I remember my life without electric energy and it was peaceful but at the same time that made me harder to get education. I guess is a question of compromises.
      We just can hope that future is going to be better, in this present we are replacing the calefaction of water for bathrooms with solar energy and my next project is going to use an hybrid system of solar and public power supply of electric energy.
      Vielen dank Ulli, hopping all’s right there. Francis.

      1. It’s impressive what you are doing for and with nature. I never lived without electric energy. But we also try to safe nature in using energy of wind and sun.
        Thank you Francis, yes everything’s alright. Hope you’re alright too.
        Greetings from Germany,

      2. German technology helps us a lot, Bayer promotes projects of investigation in environmental protection and our organic products are promoted to in exportations ;-)
        I’m fine I think. Peruvian greetings.

  1. Bayer is one of the greatest technologists in Germany. They are always on the state of the art. In Leverkusen they have a very big parc, including a japanese garden. I like it very much. Have a good start in the new day :-)

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