24 thoughts on “Virtual road

  1. I’m a little clothespin clinging to that line…and I don’t even know where it leads. Buy hey! It’s a pretty view :)

    1. Perdón por la ignorancia pero ¿cuál Benjamín? Busqué sin mucho éxito en google -_-‘ No obstante la imagen de comillas es muy agradable, gracias Francisco. Saludos.

      1. Bastante interesante, encontré su artículo en Wikipedia, una vida de gran potencia intelectual lamentablemente marcada por tragedias. Gracias Francisco (y) Saludos.

  2. After traveling a long road with a few adventures clinched on my way, I see peaceful light on the horizon, a wall to climb and a destination where to go. Very special composition, POV and nice colors.

    1. Yours are words made gold to my photograph, I feel honored ^_^ Hoping all’s right and you’re having a great adventure Reinhold. Certainly I’m enjoying the road you have made with your photographs in the magic country of New Zealand. Thanks,

      1. Your eyes see things which very few people would see. So the gold is on your side, Francis. New Zealand… changed my and the life of my wife Alexandra. 2007 and 2012 for 5 weeks each. But it’s still there, in our memories and photos. Alex wrote a book about our trip in 2007. 5 weeks – 5 t-shirts – 5 senses – and 1 backpack. An homage to muffins, pan cakes, sugar buns and other sweet things, combined with travel reports of our journey. So while you’re waiting for your sweets to bake, you can read the travel reports. It’s in German, but if you like I will sent a book to your address. You have to sent your address details to my mail account. Greetings from the North. Reinhold

      2. I am speechless Reinhold. I can’t find an appropriate way to say a thanks to the compliments from your person. I’m truly a fan of your work and compositions as I was from the first day.
        I understand now that New Zealand has an intimate meaning for you, I think the closer I felt was the first time I went to Machu Picchu. I have dictionaries to cover the German language too, that was the way I learned bit by bit my English too, I’m sure that would be a delightful adventure to read and discover. But there is a cultural issue, we, Peruvian natives, usually don’t give or accept much gifts if there isn’t an equivalent gesture in exchange (like send something that implied also a great emotional meaning), without that I would feel something like taking advantage of your kindness, Reinhold. I know you wouldn’t perceive it that way and I cannot express the enough gratitude to so enormous gesture to me, an almost anonymous person from far distances.
        I need a bit of time to think Reinhold, I’m happy to accept and discover the beautiful memories of such a intimate adventure; but I need to find a way to correspond you.
        My best wishes from the other side of the Earth,

      3. Francis, no worries. I didn’t want to create a cultural issue. Not at all! I understand your thoughts. It wasn’t meant as a big deal. We have sent our book to so many people we know around the world. I just liked the idea that you are one of them. And I like the possibility that our book is traveling around the world to Peru. Don’t feel “under pressure” to accept. I will go to bed now and I know that there will be a new, interesting post from you tomorrow morning. Again: alles wird und ist gut! And if you need instructions how to bake NZ muffins… let me know. LOL. I know a good book. :-) All the best, Reinhold. Good night!

      4. Oh, then I’m more than happy to read it :-) In my country is quite hard to publish and to do things with foreign countries that I felt a bit ashamed.
        I’ll write you to your mail Reinhold and I will be happy and honored to read it.
        Thanks for the relief and good rest Reinhold, I’ll think in a gesture to say thanks :-)

    1. Don’t worry. I have just a limited number of followers and people following and still it takes a lot of time ٩(×̯×)۶ But I’m interested in every person I follow. Considering the number of people following you I feel flattered for your attention ◕ ‿‿ ◕
      The scale probably is because I use my zoom camera at its widest, making bigger what was closer to the lens :-)
      Thanks miss for your beautiful gesture, hoping you are having a great day.

      1. Well, unfortunately, I can’t follow everyone back. It’s just impossible ! A day is made of 24 hours :-) And sometimes yes… I miss some posts.

        But I happily follow people with whom I share a connection and I get email notifications from my “inner circle”. You know, with some people, it’s quite easy to exchange comments and build a discussion, but with others, it doesn’t work. I don’t know why. Of course, you are part of my inner circle ! ;-)

        It’s already time to go to bed for me ! ;-)

      2. I feel the same sense of closeness, perhaps similar explorer spirits, I admire your spirit that wants to go beyond. When child Darwin and Cousteau where my heroes.

        Sweet dreams, Gin, mille merci :-)

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