17 thoughts on “You can’t touch me…

  1. They fly away, but sometimes they return. And sometimes another one returns, and stays and allows to be touched. Great movement shot. The body is perfectly sharp and the wings still show the motion. Good timing, Francis.

    1. I would love in this case a return.
      Thanks Reinhold, my current camera hasn’t bracketing with raw option, and as I shot raw I can just shot a photo just one after two seconds and the next ones more or less after five, so it was a fortune to get in frame the little bird :-) Hoping you’re having a great weekend.

    1. I have just heard it (and read the lyrics), nice and suitable melody. The video made me remember your photographs in winter, with the motion of people in the contrasting city and forest, and make me like it more.
      I think a lot in your poem “Climats variables” And I understand it everyday better, is quite beautiful. Thanks for coming Caroline, hoping all’s right there, :-)

  2. Well done catching a fleeting moment on film! I like how the wings are fanned out and showing the only motion in an otherwise still environment :) There’s a lot that can be interpreted by this photo.

    1. So many interpretations as eyes seeing it ;-)
      Thanks Melissa, I like your interpretation.
      Time to lunch here and there, bon appétite!

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