Fight!: Photographing the same subject with different types of cameras – A

Film versus Digital
autumn void film

FILM: Canon EF film camera with Canon FD 50mm F1.8 and expired roll of Kodak Proimage 200

autumn void digital

Digital: Sony R1, APS-C camera. Processed in Capture One and vignetting artificially added to match film rendering.

I shot these ones in closer moments at twilight, when the light change so fast. As my goal is not to do technically perfect photographs but learn from other mediums, in this case 35mm film, to apply to my main digital camera I added vignetting and modified the saturation to the digital file. In so little light, both are long exposures, I couldn’t see how would be the depth of field and certainly the 1.8 in the canon lens has much thinner depth of field compared to the zoom lens in an aps-c camera.

I processed the photograph to match the one I liked more.

Modern APS-C Digital Camera (Fujifilm X-E1) versus Old APS-C Digital Camera (Sony R1)
curviline x-e1

Modern APS-C camera. Fujifilm X-E1 with Fujinon F1.4 R lens.

curvinline r1 version

Old APS-C camera. Sony R1 with fixed Carl Zeiss lens set to match the Fujinon lens focal length.

I’m happy with both versions. I processed the RAW files of both cameras to match colors and cropped both for aesthetical reasons. The Fujifilm has more pixels, the lens seems sharper and with more contrast but with the Sony I can get great results too, at least at day.

Film versus cheap Cellphone
time and nature eating the old city

Film. Canon EF camera and Canon FD 50mm F1.8 lens with expired roll agfaphoto 200.

trees of ayavirir

Cellphone camera. 2 mpx. and focal length equivalent to 35mm in 35mm format. Cropped slightly to match better the film version.

In this point the bad quality of an expired roll of film and the poor lens and the tiny sensor of the camera makes obligatory I think the use of digital filters to compensate. But that’s for my personal taste. I edited the cell phone camera so much time ago, I know that today I could get it closer to the film one.


Is there a winner?

Nope, shot anything you want, use any tool which you feel comfortable, have fun, stop to read this blog turn off your tablet or computer and get out, any camera of today can record memories. Life is shorter to live it according to the thoughts of others.

I shoot with different cameras for curiosity and the bigger I printed is A3 (what is little to my architectural projects that can go beyond A0) Personally I just want comfort in a camera and composition in my mind, any camera today is good for that task ;-)

26 thoughts on “Fight!: Photographing the same subject with different types of cameras – A

  1. An interesting set of experiments. I almost went cross-eyed trying to find the difference between the two photos in the second set. Thanks for the encouraging words:)

    1. Next week I could offer one hundred bucks to the one who can spot ten differences, not! :d
      I’m glad you liked the encouraging message :-) For that in the end I gave my camera from 2012 to my younger brother and I conserve the one made in 2005.
      Good rest and a great weekend Melissa, there in the middle of the world ☺

      1. You don’t need to offer one hundred bucks – I’d do it for the challenge :) A great weekend to you too!

  2. The times you receive a free Canon, Nikon or Fuji prime camera for testing and reviewing are over now, Francis. Rien ne va plus. Nichts geht mehr! Now serious: Very interesting test and review. I think you are absolutely right with your opinion. Can’t wait for part B. Greetings from the North. Reinhold

    1. And it’s said that those times will mark the beginning of Apocalypses XD, to Peru the Japanese companies just bring the cheaper or the older models and everything I import from that worldwide garage sell called ebay.
      I’m glad you like it Reinhold, I’ll do my best to do an interesting post the next week. Greetings from the South,

  3. I kind of agree with your conclusion, but am finding the XT1 far more challenging than my old Nikon!! Nice set of experimental shots, I love the shot of the brown leaves. (digital version best :) )

    1. Really? I had the same experience with my ex XE-1 :-) To get the colors and response I wanted I needed to experiment a lot with the profiles and even get to extents to shot with my Sony R1 and the Fuji my pencil colors to make a kind of profile. In my test the reds in the Fuji tended a bit to orange like if it was overexposed, the blues tended to cyan that although nice were distant to what my eyes see and the yellows a bit to orange but usually I left like that because it made the images warmer but the rest I had to alter the hues and shot raw plus jpeg in Pro Neg Hi (it conserves better the highlights and reds) to get a point of reference.
      Yes, I love that one too, thanks kind lady ;-)

      1. I always shoot raw and not too worried about colour, it seems fine with mine, also LR6 pretty useful, I think I’m missing the Nikons noiseless qualities at higher ISO levels.

  4. It’s interesting to know what you can produce with different camera. I think the most important is to feel passionate about your pictures, and everything will look beautiful and interesting :-) Saying that, I have to admit that the cell phone picture seem less appealing to me :D:D I’m full of contradictions :D:D:D

    1. I think the same (and I’m the author!, lol), it has a bluish cast and it’s a bit tilted, the lens was dirty so there is no much detail and I’m thinking in modifying it. I think that could explain your (shared) feeling about it :-)
      If we wouldn’t have contradictions then we would be pretty boring XP, kind regards!

  5. Very interesting review! I hate when the camera sees a totally different thing than I do :) Always good to test more gadgets and see what’s the result :)

  6. I am a fan of film cameras which bring beautiful amazing colour for pictures that modern camera cant replace.

    1. Actually I always wanted to ask you if you use a film camera or a digital one. I was afraid to ask before I consider your composition are beyond the rendering or the machine used. Yours are quite beautiful pictures!!
      Now I’m practicing with a compact film camera, but I think I’m still years to go where you are now :-)

      1. Im now using canon 50D with a fix lens 50 1.4 and my Iphone ^^, I do want to have an old film camera, but with my lack of experience , Im so confuse. I love to play with colour blend so I use PTS and lightroom to do this job. Im not that profesional Francis! Believe me! Need to learn more.

      2. That explains the nice bokeh :-) I know you are not professional but a great amateur because there is he♥rt in your photographs. And I prefer to see the stories in your photographs that, although professionals, cold staged images. Thanks for sharing them :-)

  7. … my favorite picture of this lot I don’t know, but my favorite sentence… : Life is shorter to live it according to the thoughts of others… ;-

    1. And I’m glad for that. Actually the photographs in this post have just a technical nature, so I’m happy that you would rescue instead my thought :-)

    1. Thank you, dear Inese. I apologize for not having been here before. My life is a bit complicated with the many works I have to do in order to get the month without penalties from the bank. I hope everything is well in your life. Missing you a lot.

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