21 thoughts on “Rubin herz

    1. Yes, I liked the insect because made me think in Poe’s tale “The Masque of the Red Death” I love horror stories ;-) The bokeh is courtesy of the Fujinon 35mm F1.4 for Fujifilm X series :-)

      1. But I don’t have it anymore. I gave it to my younger brother some months ago. I hope you’ve fun with it, it’s a good lens ;-)

      2. Nah, don’t worry. After all I’m just a person thousands of kilometres away in the internet. Instead I’m flattered, with all the nice people you know in real life and the amount of people that speaks to you in the internet, that you remember me kind lady ^_^
        A hug from far away :-)

    1. Thanks Lucy. Those flowers are in my parent’s garden at 3800 metres of altitude, they’ve a personal meaning so I’m happy you find them beautiful, wish you a great weak ahead :-)

      1. You are very lucky to have such a gorgeous garden :) Sounds lovely! I wish you too, a lovely new week!

    1. Oh, I call it wasp, but my knowledge is quiiiiite limited :$ for example to almost everything to eat I call it just “food” because I’m quite bad for names XD
      It’s very common in the highlands, sadly in schools teach us about bees (good!) but not about our native species (boo!)

      1. When I have the chance I’m going to get a better photograph. Those insects visit those flowers always. A kind reader could guess the name :-)

    1. Ephemeral jewels, their petals just last a few days. The fuchsia means that they are almost at point to fall. Thanks Caroline, I read your words as if you would perceiving the aroma of them.

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