Velocity of two realms

velocity of two realms

Arequipa city is in the Peruvian south, near the coast. A valley in the borders of the desert. For that reason when I’m there I try to go to the outside at night. The river is called Chili and I like to think in the traffic like another river running to the opposite direction.

Two realms although close never overlapping. Never touching each other.

22 thoughts on “Velocity of two realms

    1. From a bridge built with white volcanic blocks of ashlar. It was one of the first photographs I took with my Sony R1 in 2013. Glad you like it ;-)

  1. I love the tone of the image. Blue hour and golden light of city and white / red light trails. Hopefully never touching each other. Fingers crossed. We have some “ghost drivers” in Germany which sometimes take the exit as an entrance to the motorways. Fraggy is right. Fab point of view, Francis.

    1. Hopefully. Although always there’re “adventurous” people. I stitched two photographs. Thanks Reinhold for your kind works.

  2. This is my favorite time of day — just after the sunset. A stream of light next to a river of water: similar, but so different. Very profound and well composed:)

    1. It’s one of my favorite time too :-) The blue hour has a special light, , when in the city there’re lights of night but the sky still has light and color. Another one is the blue hour before the sunrises but I’m mostly sleeping at that hour XD.
      Hoping you’re having a good rest Melissa, take care :-)

    1. The downsides are that you need to use a tripod or find a flat surface to set the camera, without counting that the night is prone to accidents. Said that I’d love to see your long exposures in the amazing landscapes you travel, with the old European buildings as a background.

      1. Of course it counts ^_^, I take several long exposures in buses to get a sense of motion. Who knows, perhaps it’s a beautiful disaster ;-)

    1. I remember your “about” section and I had the suspect you had already been in Arequipa. I hope you have had a great time in Peru. Certainly I have a great time travelling with your blog. Best wishes,

    1. Could be :D, is one of those cities where people doesn’t seem to have time to see the beauty happening around them, they just are in a hurry to nowhere.

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