Walking into the sea

Walking into the sea

I want to walk into the sea; sea foam vanishing me, making me forget that once I was man.

Things would be better if I could turn into a drop of salt water lost in the ocean.

I want to walk into the sea to be indifferent oblivion of a primitive world.

Revolutions across the Earth, an infinite sleep without dreams.

I want to walk into the sea to extinguish this painful blush.

18 thoughts on “Walking into the sea

  1. things would certainly not be better for us if you turned into a drop of salt water! we would miss your beautiful photos.. I love the rose coloured tones.

    1. I’d give you my flickr password to continue the blog, lol ;-) My blog is a diary and although I’m fine I’m just a bit worried about a certain lady, perhaps I should do another blog but not, I know the future is going to be brighter.
      I loved those tones too, after the sunset, in the beaches where is said that Francis Drake hide a treasure closer to a head shaped rock. Thanks :-)

  2. Francis, you would be lost in the ocean, without our comments about you and your awesome photos. And we would miss your inspiring virtual walks through the highlands and the ocean areas, your caring comments, your beautiful images of Peru, … Don’t! It’s wet, cold and dark. Alles wird gut! Beautiful seascape shot. Take care and all the best from the rainy North. Reinhold

    1. I suspect I would be food for sharks XD. I always had some fear of the sea and its beasts like giant whales, and some attraction too. Alles wird gut. I believe in that :-), in any case my blog being a diary also is a place to just let the things in the past, to don’t save inside where they could grow up, allowing me to be calmer or cooler.
      Thanks for everything Reinhold. Greetings from the sunny deserts of the South,

    1. Something I’ve to add to my to-do list. I remember quite well your photographs about Devil’s Crown in Galapagos, that would be a lovely place to start :-)

    1. That’s my favorite beach. And I’m happy to provoke the evocation of the sea, that’s a powerful feeling :-)
      Thanks for share my affection for the sea Lucy ^_^

    1. Then you can see me beyond the barrier of the eyes, naked of flesh you already know me better than the most than see me in reality. This heart feels affection for your understanding, and likes to play again your mots et images (and your voice) in its memory.

  3. I’ve been very busy lately, and have fallen out of checking on my favorite internet friends. It was a pleasure to come back here and go through all the posts I’ve missed. Thanks again.

    1. Thanks to you James. Your family is a beautiful reason to live outside, this, the internet, is just a tool and sometimes a distraction of real life. I appreciate a lot your visit considering the time you require for your newborn baby and work.
      My best wishes for you and your home and hoping you are having a nice weekend,

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