An organic world outside the window

an organic world outside the window


I found today this old photograph from 2010. I was visiting Lima and went to an exposition of architecture students. I liked the contrast between the old building with the sculptures of the exterior. It had the feeling to be in the space, in a hipster starship with spatial whales trying to see the inside. The camera was a point and shoot of four megapixels. I think it did a good job considering that it was took at night. As I couldn’t avoid the reflection I decided to be part of the composition ;-)

18 thoughts on “An organic world outside the window

  1. Scotty, beam me up there. Captain Francis is waiting for me. Cool image with a fantasy / sci-fi atmosphere. And again, it’s not megapixels or equipment, it is the eye of the person behind the camera. Thanks for sharing, Francis.

    1. Yes, I’m happy with that photograph, and although I’ve a better camera I’m sure the little HP would give me nice photographs again, and happy that it brought the Star Trek spirit in you :-)
      Thanks Reinhold, hoping all’s right there,

  2. You did a great job, actually. With the bright pink framing, the eye is drawn directly to the cosmic composition, and even more so to the silhouette in the center. Self-reflective, but not narcissistic :) Have a great day!

    1. Actually I’m a bit surprised, my silhouette in that artistic room has gathered more interest than my post about Tiwanaku :D Thanks Melissa for your thoughts, they nailed pretty well what I wanted to shot.
      Thanks and great day for you too ^_^

      1. I’ve discovered that if you have a shorter post with only one or two photos, people are more willing to take a look because it doesn’t require a lot of time to read (or scan) it. I really liked your post about Tiwanaku, but it took me a few minutes to get through it. The average attention span is shrinking…. We bloggers have to pay attention :P Just a theory…

      2. ha, that would explain it! In any case I think that my longer posts could be useful to the sporadic person searching data in internet. So although they receive less visitors the few ones are going to get more data (I hope) Said that like this blog is more a diary I need to have unified posts to explain better myself, since beginning it wasn’t mean to have readership, but that’s another story. Thanks Melissa, take care ^_^

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