Let’s turn the night in day – A list of 80’s music songs

let's turn the night in day


I was a kid in 80’s but there was no much opportunity to hear music (yep, tough years) And mostly I hear music from past decade or 90’s. But I was thinking in the songs I like from 80’s. It’s personal, I guess some names could be added. Several of them I heard in 90’s or even barely this year so hearing a great part of them doesn’t transport me to that age. They aren’t ordered by preference, except perhaps the first song composed by Vangelis that I always like to hear and I’m not including songs in Spanish language because that list would be quite long.

And the winners are ta-da-da-dam:

20 thoughts on “Let’s turn the night in day – A list of 80’s music songs

    1. I know, it’s quite long .-. but it’s a list of a whole decade so I thought it would be actually a relatively short list to cover ten years. Thanks Sylvie :-)

      1. Thanks to you Sylvie ^_^. I love the French music of your mots, usually the visitants to my space are interested more in the photography so I’m happy when somebody reads me. Merci beaucoup.

  1. This is quite an eclectic mix. Some of them I’m not familiar with, and some of them I know very, very, very well. It’s so interesting how music travels the world and transcends culture. It’s interesting because I just finished watching a documentary about the band Journey and how they found their most recent lead singer on Youtube. He was a Filipino in a cover band, but he sounds just like Steve Perry! I digress… I’m looking forward to checking out some of the tunes that I’m not so familiar with, especially the Vangelis one. Didn’t they do the music for the film “Dune”? Have a great night :)

    1. Thanks Melissa, I try to be open to genres, and actually people who reads my blog think the same, I’m quite eclectic for everything, people doesn’t know in which category I am XD
      Sounds interesting about the Filipino singer, they spoke a time Spanish and now English, besides their native language.
      I check it in internet and it seems that Dune’s soundtrack (I saw the movie but I didn’t see the series) was composed by Toto. Vangelis made great songs for Blade Runner and probably you have heard “Conquest of Paradise” for the “1492: Conquest of Paradise” movie. Both films made by Ridley Scott.
      Have a great night too Melissa. Thanks for coming ^_^

    1. Thanks Reinhold for your enthusiasm :-) Although I am sure you already know several of them and many songs more, I remember you play the guitar and that makes me think you have a vast musical culture. Somebody asked me one of those difficult questions, about the 80’s music. So I think I could shared it here too. Greetings from the southern lands of the Autumn and great new week,

      1. I am listening to and playing music since 45 years. :-) I know many of these songs. If I’d to make a list of my favorite musicians / bands (songs would be a very long list) it would be this (top 10 only):
        Linkin Park
        David Gray
        Mark Knopfler / Dire Straits
        Eric Clapton
        The Fray
        Green Day
        Jimi Hendrix
        Peter Frampton

        May be another 3

        Joe Satriani
        Genesis (Peter Gabriel)
        Pink Floyd

        may be…. :-)

        You see… A never ending story.

      2. That’s a very cool list \m/ !! I know we change with the time and to arrange lists is like a photograph of the preferences and critic of a single moment. There are two names I hadn’t hear before so I’ll take a look. Thanks Reinhold :-)

    1. I remember that song was played a lot those years in radio but I didn’t know the name. Thanks very much Nicole for your visit. Greetings from Peru.

  2. You know, I’m crazy about Depeche mode. When we are doing a road trip, we are always listening to their greatest hits ! It creates a nice atmosphere in the car :D As for master of puppets, it’s my favourite song of Mettalica (before it turned shit) and I’m also a big big fan of Iron maiden (I’ve seen them in life so many times). And… Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams is really THE song of the 80’s.. I can’t remember how many times I have sang and dance on that :D:D:D

    I know at least half of your links, but .. I have to admit that some things are completely unknown to me ! Thanks for sharing ! :-)

    1. Cool! As this list is about 80’s there are several songs from them that couldn’t enter here. I’m not going to do lists of 90’s and new millennium because they would be so long as are my favorite periods, lol. Agree about Metallica although I liked “All Nightmare Long” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFqjDXy9s5A Lucky you, the big names play a lot in Europe ;-) Even if they could come here the sound and equipment is not so good I think, and when they came they just play in the capital city xP
      Thanks for coming, take care :-)

      Post-data: I’ve never seen somebody here to dance Sweet Dreams. But here everybody seems crazy to dance salsa, reggaeton and latino dances XD

      1. Oh well.. Rock in Rio was amazing ! ;-) A lot of these bands like brazil, but I’m not so sure about the other country of south america.

        When I was in Ecuador, I’ve kind of learnt how to do some reggaeton, but it was soooo difficult :D My diving instructor told me that for a white people, I wasn’t that bad :D

      2. Well, Brazil and Argentina get much more fun XP
        mmm, reggaeton is quite easy because it’s just to forget inhibitions I think XD. What worries me is the comment “white people” that to me is racist because usually when you say to those persons “blacks/negro” or “native/indigenous” (and I’m native with a drop of black and another one of white) they get offended, but they allow themselves to discriminate whites o.O
        If I would be him I would say that you do well taking in consideration that you came from a country where it’s not danced…

      3. Oh I didn’t feel offended at all, don’t worry. I took it as a joke :D But I agree with you on the concept. Sometimes, we think racist only apply from white people towards other colours. But you have racist between Egyptians towards black, Chinese towards black, black towards white, etc :-)

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