gentil sinuosidad


I fell in love with the musical combination of Yokko Kanno and the Russian singer Origa. Compositions thrilling me. But we all die, or just leave, and we never know if when we say good bye it’s going to be said for the last time; if we’re never going to see again to the ones we love in the vigil; to end building with them a blissful pantheon in the world of our memories and the infinite universes inside our dreams. It would have been marvelous to hear to Origa, at least once; to close the eyes and unite with her in that unidimensional reality that is music. Only remains a moorland of things that neither were nor will be.

We have to accept death as a necessary part of life, that makes it brighter and special. What I regret instead is the feeling like a broken thread, a tie, with the past, with you. Suddenly everything seems so far, remote.

A farewell, forever, eternal.

Thank you.

(She sings, in this old video, here )

10 thoughts on “Origa

  1. i understand how you would fall in love…
    and what a beautiful picture… like so many of your photos, it makes me wish i were standing there… breathing the air and feeling the earth under my feet…
    thank you for your heart, Francis, so generously shared…

    1. It’s near my home, at more or less 4000 m above the sea level, and it feels quite powerful to walk barefoot, near the ichu (native grass), and, although we’re adapted to the thin air, it’s crystalline.
      Your voice is sweet Caroline, unforgettable; now I can read your words hearing you. Such a wonderful gift.
      Thanks for everything,

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