6 thoughts on “Walking in triangles

    1. Thanks kind lady. He’s a warden in Sillustani’s cemetery ruins. A place to the rest of nobility and kings so old that its origins are unknown.

  1. I think best when I walk too. Although I usually walk in ovals — not triangles :P Do the rocks have some special purpose, or was it just a “happy discovery” when you took the photo?

    1. Hi Melissa. I’d like to have and answer but sadly I don’t know it :-\, I only know that they are part insidde the archaeological place. I think, and I’m far to be an specialist :D, that peasants could use them from the old buildings to shape a kind of corral before it was a State property. But there was nobody to ask for and I took it from a great distance with a zoom camera. Thanks Melissa for your visit :-)

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