Gorgeous doll (detail)

Gorgeous doll (detail)

These dolls with folkloric clothes, party clothes from my city actually, are for ornamentation. I’d love they could be articulated… Perhaps I could buy a Japanese doll and dress it with the clothes of these little dancers… My child instinct yells for dolls free to play outside xD

12 thoughts on “Gorgeous doll (detail)

    1. Weaving (textiles, metals, feathers) is a specialty from thousands of years ago. The face has more or less one centimeter of height ;-)

      1. Thanks Sylvie ^_^’ although instead of followers I prefer to think in readers and if time allow it your friend ;-) Take care, greetings from far away.

  1. It’s a great photo that focuses on the features of one doll’s costume while the other costumes are blurred into a festive background. Yes – some dolls are just for show, but if you need a doll to play with, I’ll bring you a GI Joe and you can give me this one. How’s that for a trade? The All-American Hero for a Peruvian dancer :P Enjoy the rest of your evening!

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