14 thoughts on “You are free…

  1. This is a regularly used door in your parents’ house. I can tell by the polished look of the handle and the darkened areas where fingers have come into contact with the door. How did that little bit of lint get stuck under the handle? Isn’t it amazing how one item in your parents (or grandparents’) house can trigger so many memories?

    1. Hello Melissa :-) It’s my parent’s house, my grandparents have another house with older stuff like coca cola advertisement from who knows what year in the past century. When it’s raining my parents save the clothes in that room, probably in the rush that lint get stuck with a screw. Next time I’ll be there I’ll clean it xD

      1. No, I think it works right where it is :P A great evening to you :)

    1. Golden afternoon :-), actually that’s the deposit or storage room, more than memories there is just some rice, tools and stuff like that :D

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