About numbers and sex


(Caution, the following text can contain language or opinions that could be offensive. If you are sensible to sexuality please don’t continue)


I ran a blog before, in blogger. Actually if I consider that this is not a blog but a diary then I could say that that was my only blog in life. The thematic was exclusively about my sexual learning and experience. I just did ten posts but the visits reached almost ten thousand visitors; but I noticed I couldn’t write well and frequently about the theme so I closed it. I think things to exist should be the best, I didn’t want to write half way articles. But I saved the number of visits and decided to use it as an indicator to compare with the other side in WordPress. I said to myself that the day I would reach the same number of visitors then I would write it.

So far after a bit more of five hundred (500) posts I have reached the same number of views in comparison to the ten (10) posts I needed previously. That number just means that sex is a more interesting theme to the netizens, and that’s okay, besides I didn’t do anything with the purpose to get readers or visitors. Sure I could just hide that fact but one of my compromises to every reader in this page is not satisfaction or happiness, just the truth and honesty, being a diary sometimes it’s funny and others is sad, sometimes it’s about an absent lady; sometimes thoughts and memories.

I was not supposed to be here in WordPress. I had a space associated to my Hotmail account, but, as so many things, Microsoft decided to drop out our spaces and we suddenly appeared here, with writers, poets, painters, photographers, etcetera; in this public and open place. My writings and photographs were supposed to be just for intimate friends. But my stubbornness said that I shouldn’t hide myself just because a company decided so. So I just published just to have a funny routine, then followers and likes appeared. Something a bit strange. In any case I’m not going to turn this blog in a sexual one, if I’d write (publicly) again about it then I’d open a new WordPress blog.


Without giving so many details I wrote about my own experiences, (the same as here, the drawings, photographs and words are mine, the most I did was to share some youtube links) and my conclusions. That blog also had photographs I had taken respecting the privacy, they were more innuendos. I educated myself (as I did with, among other things, English language, CAD drawing or photography) about the ways to live better the sex side of our life. I don’t see sex as something merely biologic but also a cultural an artistic phenomena (what we call eroticism) so I wrote with the idea to give information, not to provoke morbidness. For what it’s worth some of my conclusions were, limiting what I can say because this is not an adult only diary:

  • In the shared place of a bed there aren’t titles, money, houses, lands, clothes, books; nothing. Just a man and a woman.
  • Is important to be clean and healthy. A gentleman cannot eat onions the same day is going to be with a lady, the body has to be clean and even the act to get naked has to show an order.
  • Lips are important to say the correct words and with hands and skin are important to touch the special places in the map of a woman. Know that map.
  • Routine is enemy of sex.
  • Every woman is different so every one wants different times or intensities. To discover the key to free a woman about inhibitions is part of the previous games.
  • To dance, more than porn, is useful because nothing kills more the passion than make mechanic movements. Sex has to flow exactly like a dance. It’s a way to understand to the other without words.
  • Always there are mistakes, never ask pardon for them. Learn from it and do it better the next time.
  • To have so much money until it’s not more a preoccupation or to have so little money until it’s not more a preoccupation makes a more relaxed context for sex.
  • Never stop if your partner is going to get the climax,
  • A man can be, with control and practice, multiorgasmic as well. I remember some nights with a friend, we could be united five or six times continued.
  • We, men, can fake orgasms too ;-)
  • If you cannot understand to your partner then is better to stop to see themselves. Not everybody is meant to match.
  • Usually younger women in their early twenties don’t allow themselves to enjoy completely because they are worried with their bodies or to satisfy their partners. Women in their forties have a more relaxed attitude so are more free to enjoy.
  • Women have different points of views about sex according to their religious, cultural, economic or social precedence. Also coming from a big city makes a difference.
  • You cannot be shy. You cannot feel guilt for your body or your actions.
  • Porn is staged, it’s a reference but it’s not realistic.
  • Kamasutra is useful combined with a healthy life. It’s more than a recipe.
  • Size matters to ladies, but there is a limit in which they don’t feel comfortable.
  • The end is not the end. Be kind and tell her some words, caress her skin, help her with her shoes.
  • Sex is one of the few occasions when eyes don’t lie.

There is an absent word and that is love. Love is more complicated, flesh from another kind of animal.

Tomorrow this space continues as always.

30 thoughts on “About numbers and sex

  1. Very true:
    Always there are mistakes, never ask pardon for them.
    Porn is staged, it’s a reference but it’s not realistic.
    The end is not the end.

  2. SIR FRANCIS, you make me a GREAT surprise! Now i tell you a little surprise. I have another blog where i write poetry in romanian language! I interpret everything you wrote here, as evidence that you are a VERY communicative person!

    1. I think I can communicate better writing XD, in an oral conversation usually I prefer to hear. I’ll look forward for your poetry Dan, although I know it’s beyond translators and not the whole meaning is conserved I’d like to hear the music of the Romanian words. Thanks!

      1. My passion for poetry, is from high school. I graduated a high school with specialty in romanian language, romanian literature and universal history. Due to economic conditions in Romania, after high school, i left humanities sciences and i graduated a technical university. In my acceptance poetry can be written or read than in native language. Poetry involves subtleties of language that are not accessible than those who are very familiar with this language. In the case of the romanian language, the problem is more complicated, because romanian language is a very old language. A very old language has a highly developed grammatical structure, and a very large vocabulary. For example in english language (which is a young language), one word can define multiple notion, in romanian language, one notion has many words that can be defined. Romanian language grammar structure is more complex than any latin languages, because it is the oldest of latin languages (we talked about it). In academic environments it is known that the oldest form of writing from the word, was discovered in Romania. It is “tablitele de la
        Tărtăria” (inscription from Tărtăria), wich were dated from 5500 B.C. If you should learn romanian language in academic way, it would be a very difficulty issue. For this reason, Microsoft and other software companies, don’t have any software adapted for romanian language. I told you these things, that you understand the difficulty of deciphering my lyrical messages. I would very happy to understand, and have an opinion about my poetry, but I think it will be impossible. I hope you like the graphics !!!
        Image is the greatest language!!! http://www.joculdecuvinte.wordpress.com

      2. Thanks for a quite detailed explanation :-) I know that it’s a tough matter even with recent languages. I have not troubles having a general understanding of French texts but French poetry is quite hard. For what I see in your poems they’re formally ordered, I mean I think they follows rules of number of syllables and rhymes.
        Thanks for such a gift of words. Nobody knows about the future so it’s probable that I could understand

    1. Really? That means that I learnt something \o/!! I’m interested in the opinion of ladies to be a better person so I hope the lack of observations means I’m for the good road. Thanks kind lady.

    1. Anonymous viewers from around the world, actually that was a photographic blog as well… I don’t remember the number of followers but almost everybody had alias and things like that. It was also a bit strange XD

  3. well, amigo, dunno why, but I’ve always thought there was another FR beyond this blog, hidden or unknown, more or less “undercover” and under a blanket or a sheet…;-))) bonne continuation!!!

    1. Everybody has a complex life beyond their blogs and we’ve so many unknown facets :-) I wouldn’t say hidden, because I think I always showed that I’m a bit hedonist and that I’m liberal about sexuality. just that this space was intended more for ideas and thoughts than experiences.
      Gracias por todo Mélanie ^_^!

      1. a complex or a completed life, FR?!…;-))) aha, got it now: you’re a love architect, and more than a hedonist, a pure and simple pleasure seeker or… sinner(for the catholics!)?!…;-))) bravo, congrats & go ahead: I’ll vote for you, playful joker, not smoker, I hope!:-))) bonus:

      2. wow, nice melody indeed! not smoker, I don’t want spots in my lips, neither yellow in my teeth nor malfunctioning lungs. About Catholics I noticed that the most “moralists” are the ones that hidden make the most extreme things, and I thing there is no pleasure in extremes, a glass of good wine is supreme pleasure but two bottles are just nonsense :D You’ve a complete life and you are a secret master for me ;-) Cheers.

      3. soy un maestro o una amante, señor FR?…;-))) no tienes que darme las gracias, porque soy solo un comentarista comun (virtual!) de tu blog – nada mas y nunca nos reuniremos en la vida real… como te he dicho, no me escondo o disimular en el WWW: lo que ves es lo que hay… tomarme o dejarme (aceptarme!), pero si me dejas, la pérdida será TUYA, no la mía… olé!:-)))

      4. Eres una hermosa persona, aprendo de tu forma de dar amor :-)
        *No eres común para mi.
        *Nunca digas nunca.
        *Te acepto para siempre ;-)

      5. wow, sabes hablar con las mujeres, lindo cachorro…;-))) espero que tengas una felina interesante y ludica en tu vida… como una “cat lover”, me encanta jugar y nunca he utilizado la expresion verbal “tener sexo”, pero “hacer el amor”…:-)))
        * * *
        oh, you may know this famous quote:“The only alchemist able to turn everything into gold is physical love – THE Unique spell against death, old age, routine life. LOVE must be lived and experienced in the PRESENT, this very moment, here and now, otherwise it makes no sense, because it hasn’t gotten lost in the past and it upholds the hope of the future…”(Anaïs Nin) – creo que puedo usarlo para un futuro blogpost…;-)))

      6. Lindo cachorro… es lo más dulce que me hayan dicho jamás, gracias de corazón Melanita, siento felicidad de conocerte :-)
        I don’t believed in love in this virtual space but since the end of September of last year I was found by a young lady from Ecuador. She’s the first lady that makes me say without doubts that I’m truly in love. Lately my posts have been a bit sad because she has gone, I know her and it seems that she just want to be alone but didn’t say good bye and I miss her so much, I don’t know what to think. I only know that I’ll wait her patiently and I’ll work hard to be with her (if she accepts me)
        Anaïs, cute name… Although I had read that the substance to turn in gold was meant to be the soul, I hadn’t know this (beautiful) phrase.
        Cuando lo escribas lo leeré con mucho cariño, cuídate mucho Mélanie, un enorme gracias y una cálida sonrisa desde Perú :-)

      7. si, recuerdo que ya me has hablado de esa young lady… es triste que esperar a alguien sin tener la menor idea de la reunión de nuevo, pronto… dunno what to say, sabes mejor que hacer o no hacer, que quieres o no quieres… buenas noches, coraje y determinacion! hasta luego, arquitecto del amor!:-)

      8. Sé que la quiero tanto que la esperaré con una sonrisa. You said the truth and that’s a treasure I appreciate a lot in you. Buenas noches aquí y buenas días allá, gracias por tu tiempo Mélanie, hasta luego :-)

  4. lol – Now I know why my blog doesn’t get many hits – there’s no sex in it. That, and I don’t really invite people to look at it. That’s an interesting set of numbers. People really seem to want to discuss the subject. Perhaps you should continue along those lines. Although, a few months ago, you mentioned that many women were trying to get in touch with you in a more private online setting (FB) I think we found the reason ;) For what it’s worth, I’m happy that you moved over to WordPress, and I’m even happier that you didn’t limit your group. All the best to you in your future posts :)

    1. People actually just want to see, I had just three skinny comments :D I still write but for my personal archive, I think go beyond here would be inappropriate with my goal to publish every day something I create with my imagination or mind.
      Haha, no! those women see me as a younger brother. Actually they think I’m an innocent person so at best if they would be want to be with me would be to rest from his vigorous ex, lol. Besides usually they want the architect, not the person. Usually the persons I knew where casual meetings with ladies in travels, cultural centres, musical spectacles, never at university or work.
      Thanks Melissa, all the best to you too ^_^, I’m happy to read you, your experiences are quite honest and show you as you are, there is not this acting thing, regularly seen in facebook, to simulate yes or yes the mystic adventure hiding the bad but knowing and showing everything. That’s quite special in this age of Photoshop where everybody seems to hide imperfections. Hoping you’re having a great evening ;-)

      1. Yes, I’m having a great evening, and I’m glad that you find my adventures worth reading. I like looking at your photos, reading the captions and wondering what’s going on in that head of yours :) This was a completely new piece in the puzzle that is Francis, but hey! You’ve got my attention. A great evening to you, Francis!

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