Birds in the sky sailing the lake

birds in the sky sailing the lake

This was the view of lake Titicaca from the highway. The clouds in the horizon seemed like ducks. The lake has an aura of ancient mystery outside Puno bay, where the contamination is a hammer that hit it disfiguring the face of the old lady.

8 thoughts on “Birds in the sky sailing the lake

  1. First, I like the colors and the clouds in this photo. They do look like ducks….When you say “contamination” is that a metaphor for something, or have the waters of Lake Titicaca been compromised in some way?

    1. If world were a better place then fortunately that had been a metaphor. Sadly the sewers of Puno city with hundreds of thousands of inhabitants go to lake Titicaca. Its dark shores don’t get sunlight because a green layer called “lenteja” that feed itself with the dirty waters. It’s amazing that with so many money the government get with the boom of metals that problem still exists. When I go to the lake I prefer to go to smaller cities where the waters seems in better condition.

      1. “Lenteja” like lentils?? That’s such a shame about Lake Titicaca, but it’s probably acted as a sewage deposit system for centuries. Only now, it’s overloaded. Mother Nature can only handle so much. I’m surprised that the Peruvian government isn’t more interested in protecting an area that has such a strong tourist draw. If you want to talk about misuse of funds, I could sing to you tragic tales of what the US government has done with tax money that they’ve taken from people who are just trying to make a living….but I will admit that they’ve done a halfway decent job of protecting our natural landscape. That’s why I can wait to travel around the US. Hopefully you can, too, someday :)
        Have a great day, Francis!

      2. I found the name and I see it’s from Europe. Actually Spaniards bring the city to that place, the original capita was farther and higher than the lake because it was important to don’t contaminate sources of water, besides the lake had status of sacred place. Politicians everywhere seems to care for votes more than make a good work and serve.
        Great day for you too Melissa, thanks :-)

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