Blue sky window

blue sky window

I find this wall fascinating as an architect. It’s the wall of a house in the borders of Juliaca city. I can guess that it’s a house made with adobe but with time the owners get more wealthy so they covered it with concrete and replaced the old window with a modern one, reflexive and almost frameless. The woods almost hidden are the structure to support a wooden floor. The difference in the texture indicate that after the first covering with concrete and the shape suggest that the owners thought in a kitchen, laundry or bathroom so it was needed to pick the concrete to new installations.

I find this wall interesting because I like contrasts, that piece of sky counterposed to the rustic concrete.

15 thoughts on “Blue sky window

    1. I’m sure the masters that did it with their bare hands would feel an enormous gratitude to your kind words Caroline.
      A great thank you from me, and a big smile from far away.

  1. It’s nice to hear that the people in Juliaca City have improved their situations enough to add little luxuries like laundries and windows to their houses. I can imagine how the lady of the house feels being able to see this bit of blue sky as she goes about her domestic activities. I hope that it brings her some happiness, just like it’s brought happiness to you to see such a strange juxtaposition.
    A pleasant thought to start the weekend :) Have a great one, Francis!

    1. Thanks Melissa. Although Juliaca has so many richness, I think because we have no help from international organizations. It’s not strange that people travels to Germany for industrial reasons, to Argentina for education or to Jerusalem to the ones that likes religion. That’s because Juliaca is a commercial city with a quarter of million of population. That wall show the material richness of the city because even at the border people is getting wealthy. Probably the lady inside has a laptop to see her e-mail meanwhile her son is playing with a xbox.
      Said that the cities that receive help from government and international usually remains poor… In a certain I’m poor because I’ve another priorities, not for luck of opportunities :D
      Hoping everything is all right, happy weekend ^^/

      1. Actually, as soon as I posted that comment I thought, “She’s probably watching dramas on TV instead of looking out the window.”
        I’ve heard that the international “help” is just another method by foreign governments or financial institutions to maintain control over these places, or to gain easier access to their natural resources….
        Unpleasant thoughts I’ll save for a different day, if you don’t mind :P
        All’s well here – Hope it’s the same there :)

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