Yesterday I bought online a stuffed toy. Almost like a signal of faith that my absent lady is going to coming back someday. A way to stay positive; and if happens the opposite, hmmm, well I think I’ve a new toy, lol. By the way I’ve never gift a stuffed toy before (not a teddy bear but an anime character) so I’ll see if I did the right thing. I don’t know why I think in an old Indian movies, one of those where the screenwriter want to destroy of sadness the main character while forcing him to dance xd

17 thoughts on “:-R

      1. No :) argh because there are things that I wish I could say, but I can’t be in Peru, and that’d be the only place to say them. Lovely teddy, I hope he brings you luck. :)

      2. haha, I see, thanks :’v I remember University times when we used to drank cheap rum and when it was horrible I used to say “Argh, yummy!” xD
        The teddy is one of a pair my parents bought to their house, I bought to her a character of an anime she loves. I’ll give time to the time. Thanks!, a big hug from so far away ^_^

    1. I can do that too! just kidding :-) WordPress is crazy, your comment was in my spam section. Fortunately I could rescue it. Thanks Ulli. Kind regards,

  1. So you are one of a few people, Francis :-)
    Yes, WordPress is really crazy, has a life of its own ;-)
    Have a nice day,

    1. Wow, that rabbit more than a rabbit is a piece of your life, when child the situation was a bit tough so I learnt to say good bye in advance, but I’d love so much to have with me a blue metallic little race car… Someday you could photograph that special part of you ;-)

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