Watcher into the Purgatory Road

watcher into the purgatory road

Spanish is a foreign language from my perspective. The language I should speak is Aymara. Nonetheless Spanish is, alas, the only language we can use to aspire to a higher education. So I don’t feel attached to it, when kid I always won the contests about redacting compositions but, as it happens me with English too, I am not sure why the reader could find it nice composed. I just joint words like a kind of smith trying to give it a rhythm. In English I like so much the alliteration, I dunno, I think in sumthin’ like:

In Wotan’s world, worthy words weaving with wisdom; Hela’s blending a blind blade, an unknown anathema in her heart hardened by despair.

And well, that’s the way I think in languages, of course it’s not perfect. Without understanding completely them but judging their sounds I think Quechua is the perfect language to say words of honey; Aymara to speak the truth; French the language of feminine sensuality (but it sounds soft in men); European Spanish the dialect of masculine sensuality (but it sounds harsh in women); Argentinian Spanish the dialect of elegance, almost like a tango; German the language to read ideas; English to sing and Italian to read the Divine Comedy.

The photograph is part of a long project I’m doing and perhaps it’s going to take a year more. I want to write in Italian a series of photographs inspired in, with Borges’ complete works, my favorite book. Dante’s Divine Comedy.Westerners in my country read it as a book of horror, attracted by the landscapes of hell. I’m not westerner so I read it as a book of a marvelous exploration to a world never seen before. To me is fantastic and I read it since I was eight years old. I love this book so much. The maternal surname and gray-green eyes of my grandfather indicate that perhaps we’ve something of Italians but if that happened there is nothing in our language or culture that survived. I’m sure an Italian would read it quite differently to the way I read it. Time will tell.

20 thoughts on “Watcher into the Purgatory Road

  1. This will be interesting! Is this picture part of the project? Have you got many shots for it already and will you be posting them chronologically with the relevant texts? Looking forward to seeing Beatrice, Virgil and your shot of Charon ferrying souls :) !

    1. Hi kind lady :-) Yes, it’s part of that project. I still have just a few, my method is to be alert and to photograph anything that could be part of that series. I want to see to Beatrice too :-D This was the first photo I took for that project
      I think I’m going to post them in three separate long posts, to cover Hell, Purgatory and Paradise, but I’ll do my best to get it (>‿◠)!

  2. excellent article, FR… your statement is true, outrageous, unfair and sad:”Spanish is, alas, the only language we can use to aspire to a higher education.” I fully understand you for Spanish – the language of the catholic invaders who forced your people to convert to their “inquisition religion”…:-(
    * * *
    @”I read it as a book of a marvelous exploration to a world never seen before.” – same here, even though I’m not completely Westerner, but Italian is almost my first language…;-)))

    1. Yes, it’s. And even worse Spaniards went away in nineteenth century. Today we are the only ones discriminating our cultures…
      Happy you :-) you are closer to so many traditions through languages! I just can imagine the diversity of your readings, gracias Mélanita ^_^

  3. That’s an interesting assessment of the languages. I have to agree that French is a very sensual language, and whenever I hear women speaking German, it all sounds very serious and urgent – even if they’re talking about hairstyles or manicures. English – can’t say I agree. Italian is, in my opinion, better for singing. Actually, I like prefer Maori or Hawaiian. These languages are full of soft, sustainable vowel sounds – great for singing! I don’t know if you’ve heard Maori music, but those folks can sing.
    I’m a bit biased, but I think English is great for humor. Sarcasm, wit, plays on words. I love it!
    Have a great day :)

    1. Rammstein would sang: “we are all living in Amerika, Amerikaaa is wunderbur!!!” haha. Well, when child in radio great part of the good music was in English and although I didn’t understand it I liked it a lot so I could be biased for that side.
      hmmm, I am hearing Maori music right know, it’s powerful and essential at the same time, thanks! Respect to humor I like definitively British and American comedies, but shows of comedians are still far from me, Oscar’s animation for example, the only spectacle I found funny was one of Chris Rock, I know that’s a cultural difference, our comedians that likes to joke about the Bible, our presidents or every symbol of authority, a lot here are so funny to us but when they go to Central America people seems to be even angry XD
      A great day there Melissa, que te vaya bien ;-)

      1. I know… it’s cultural differences. I’ve just seen so much physical and slapstick humor in South America and Asia that it’s hard to believe that the more high-brow humor exists. I’m sure it does, but the references are beyond my understanding.
        You’re right about Maori music. It is powerful – They seem to summon natural forces when they sing. It stirs something primitive in me.
        Rock on, Francis ;)

      2. Well, I don’t like that kind of humor neither XP even more I dislike it because it don’t use the intelligence, you could search for Les Luthiers with English subtitles.
        Rock off, I mean, rock on, Melissa :-)

    1. I understand you, it’s the problem of the closeness. You’re so close to French, to me it sounds like women would be whispering, but I feel uncomfortable when I hear a man talking me in French because I think he’s whispering me too! lol I’m like Gomez of Addams family respect French XD Hoping all’s right there.

      1. I’m very exhausted. Today, I spent my whole day packing and unpacking, and re packing. It was horrendous :-( I’m moving to the UK on Tuesday morning, and time is flying :-)

      2. That sounds horrible :S I’ll just say thanks a lot for coming and hope everything works there (and somebody can help you). Bye Gin :-)

      3. I haven’t been visiting blogs for a few days… but I kind of miss it. So I indulged a bit of my time :-) Speak to you soon ! Have a nice day

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