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  1. some dreams may become reality – sooner or later… better sooner, naturalmente!:-))) dulces sueños en tu parte del mundo, FR…

    1. That’s truth. Everything I dream comes true, so I try to be very careful with what I dream. For example one of my dreams was to draw, and know I have to draw a lot X’D These days my dreams have the shape of one lady.
      Buenas tardes allá en la hermosa Francia Melanita ;-)

      1. as long as there are DREAMS, it’s just fine, beware of… nightmares, NOT night mares=yeguas de la noche, olé!:-))) abrazitos y hasta luego, Mélanita-cabrita :-)))

      2. haha, yeguas de la noche, I heard that expression a long time ago, you have just make me remember that. (>^.^)> y hasta luego Mélanita =)

    1. Oh, it’s not. It was taken in January 2014 in our summer in the highlands. If you click the photographs they are going to open a new window to my Flick account, there (minimizing the image) Flickr gives the date, exposition time, aperture and every data used.
      I post my photographs randomly because I use images to represent my thoughts or feelings, sometimes I’ve posted pictures taken in the day (as it’s going to happen today) but mostly I don’t publish with the concept of a 365 project. Thanks!

      1. Your summer is very different than my summer. I know that your blog is like a feelings journal, but i have a friendly request for you; maybe in the future you make a photo story with the city Juliaca. I walked with Google Earth, but i want to see what you consider as worth seeing. I read in one of your posts as Juliaca is considered the ugliest city from Peru, but I do not agree with this. A city that has a university can not be ugly! Maybe it’s not a rich city, but has its charm, and your architectural sense will know how to show it. Already i miss triciclo!

      2. In the coast the summer probably is the same as yours, summer at 4000 m of altitude always is cold and rainy. haha, yeah! I’m going to do a long post about my city but it’s going to be impartial, I mean, I don’t want to show just the nice but also the nasty and ugly. Nice and ugly are part of a simple truth. (and of course some triciclos)

      3. I climbed so many places I don’t remember the maximum altitude, one peak I climbed was at 5664 meters, but I’m sure it wasn’t the highest I climbed. I’ll do my best to make a great article, thanks for the encouragement (y)

    1. Mostly they are foggy, but I don’t know if that is not usual but regularly I can remember long dreams. I’ve just to try to don’t move so much and extending from the last memory to what happened before. It’s crazy that the people and the landscapes and cities inside the dream are ourselves.

      1. I think it’s quite natural that the people and landscapes etc in dreams are taken from our awake lives, it’s the subconscious making sense of things for us.

      2. Yes, that’s true, but I mean, when we dream, for example, about a person we love, that person actually is a part of our mind, the ground in the dream is also a part of our mind, is like a theatre made with our physical body or something. Oh, well, perhaps I’m a bit philosophical, thanks for coming (>_^)!

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