Sculptures in green

sculptures in green

This is the main plaza in Puno city. The trees are always pruned in certain shapes. Some are birds and some others I don’t know. I understand it’s quite hard to shape a tree. In little cities I used to climb the trees, Puno was a kind of unicorn due to the city hall’s watchers, and well, now it would be quite hard to climb without being taken to jail XD

8 thoughts on “Sculptures in green

    1. Los jardineros son traviesos ;-) :-D
      It’s a capital built by Spaniards at the shores of lake Titicaca, the old capital, called Paucarcolla, was further from the lake, with the enough distance to don’t contaminate the water. Thanks Mélanita ^_^

    1. It’s a garden at more of 3800 m of altitude. Every specie there is adapted to have great resistance. I’m glad you like it, Karen. Kind regards.

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