Falcon (perhaps)


I took this photograph at F8 when I didn’t know how to use well a camera, so the shutter was slow and it lost sharpness. I think it’s a falcon, I shot it in Umayo lagoon, near my city and know for its cemetery for the nobility at 3950 m of altitude (12 959 ft) In school we are taught about elephants or tigers but nothing about our own species, I think we call it “waman” that means eagle.

18 thoughts on “Falcon (perhaps)

    1. Something like a totemic bond? Reading your mots, seeing your images and hearing your voice I’d guess that the connection is a feeling similar to freedom. Days ago I wondered why I feel so heavily attracted to your universe and my discovering was because you go beyond tags or etiquettes. You don’t limit your essence or person with words as “poet” “photographer” or “n” professions. Flying where the wings of your spirit take you everyday. You’re special in that sense and for that I admire you a lot.
      Thank you for coming Caroline. Wish you a great week.

      1. Thank you Francis. For your words, generous always. And have a wonderful week. It’s nice to know that you’re out there, and that you pass by and visit sometimes, and that I can do the same…

      2. Thanks Caroline, my words are only the truth, and you’re the only person whose space I memorized in my mind. I don’t use the reader for you and I don’t need to follow you to remember to visit you, you are that special ;-)

    1. Good point, that make me remember that phrase always quoted to Ansel Addams “there is no worst think that a sharp photo of a fuzzy concept” XD

    1. I know it and considering the number of your followers I’m pretty honored for your time withe me ^_^ Please don’t worry, you had a beautiful reason in your life and this is just a virtual place where we just relax. Even more I’m the one that has to say thanks :-)

    1. That certainly could be! Mille merci for your time and kindness :-)
      I speak Spanish if it could be closer to you. I understand a peu of French but I rely more in online translators. A warm greeting from Perou, cher Malyloup ^_^/

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