Cotton shine

cotton shine

I’m still traveling but I got a public cabin with strong internet connection. Probably when this, again, scheduled post is published I will be in my laptop, or perhaps not, but at least it’s not going to happen the same issue as in my travel to Bolivia when I couldn’t post. It’s not a big deal, is just that I try to get at least an illusion of order in this chaotic blog. More news in Monday, take care dear visitor ;-)

I love clouds, I have some in my memory from several years ago. They just can change so fast and be another one, and even faster when the sunset is closer…

21 thoughts on “Cotton shine

    1. Yep, I’m again in home. That doesn’t mean that I’ve lost my wishes to travel beyond. Let’s say that it’s just a tactical retreat :-)

    1. No, I didn’t. I was so bloody tired and I don’t know what happened to me that I just felt desires to sleep in the hotel. So I was just sleeping… But funnier things happened that I’ll share here ;-)

  1. Clouds. I love them. Looking at them just now, in your photograph, I’m reminded that we certainly take many different forms throughout our lives… even if in substance, we maybe always remain the same.
    I hope this trip is bringing you joy and peace, Francis.
    P.-S. Looking at your clouds again, I see some sort of a deer, with antlers, his face turned this way, galloping in the sky… ;-

    1. We’ve deers here called tarukas, but they are smaller than the ones in Canada. I saw once in January but it ran so fast that I couldn’t get a photograph of it! I think I can see what you see, I’ve a tendency to pareidolia so I’m seeing patterns and shapes in everything.
      Many different forms… that made me remember what you wrote once about what a old man said. A big smile from far away Caroline, take care :)

  2. I didn’t know the word “pareidolia” (paréidolie, in French)… I am glad to learn it… I have the same tendency, and it’s quite developed. ;)
    Yes, it looks like a mask indeed, with its mouth open.
    As for the deer that I see, its head and antlers are a little lower to the left of the mask, and its long and thin body is stretching underneath the mask.
    Take care, Francis. And be safe.

    1. Yes, I see it: certainly a celestial deer seeing somethin behind it.
      In two weeks I’ll post a collection of photos tagged with pareidolia, I know I’ll be amazed with what viewers see from their points of view ;-)

      1. You’re right, I know about bokeh ^_^ what I unknown is “nite” :-( It’s not in the translator, but it’s something like “neat” Isn’t it?

  3. Clouds are always good. Hmm…I need to set aside time to lay in the grass and stare at cloud ‘animals’. I haven’t done that in years.

    1. Sounds like a peaceful plan that I like to do in a few days. To get a time without time. Hoping all’s right kind sir. regards from far away.

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