Clouds visiting the earth

clouds visiting the earth

I’m back from my little trip :P I went to Tacna city and slept there one night. I went also with the intention to travel to Chile but things took another turn.

In Tacna I went to a special fair of clothes called “Miami” and well, going to shopping and spending some money give me some peace. This because I’m quite austere, so to balance my behavior I intentionally do some banal things.

I bought an Armani leather jacket and some light sweaters and shirts. This time I choose designs with 90’s youth style, I noticed that my current style had so much muted designs… In part I choose it to be more presentable to my absent lady, also I bought for her a doll of an anime character she likes, and to myself a Homer Simpson doll. After that I went to the downtown and took some photographs to my readers ;-) We are in autumn so the climate was soft and warm.

I went to a hotel and I tried my luck and called to the lady I wrote before here and to my surprise she was there and we met a while. She was gorgeous as always and she gave me a much needed hug. We talked a bit but I noticed I was so disconnected. I guessed the reason and tried an experiment: I imagined she wasn’t her but my Ecuadorian lady and suddenly I was more animated, but then I noticed I was being a jerk for doesn’t paying her the attention she deserves; I excused me and said her that, and it was also truth, I was tired. She hugged me and as a lady didn’t ask me the reason, just asked me to call her and that I should insist to her cell phone if I’m there again. I nodded but my mind was definitively in other side.

I walked a bit and the world seemed full of Jessicas in the walls and adds. I ate a bit and went to my hotel. I’ve working for already several months and decided to just relax, I had asked a matrimonial room to have a bigger bed and took another bath, I tried the clothes and took some selfies for my corpse bride, a bit of slow pedicure and manicure, see TV movies in the cable (I never see TV) and watched “The Wolfman” with Benicio del Toro (save the asylum scene the plot was pretty dull and I didn’t like it) after that the last of America Pie series, and lastly I drew the schemes for an animated video I’m doing for a song I composed in my tablet, and the schemes for the fantastic/sci-fi story I wrote to a comic I hope to end the next week.

I wanted to go to Chile but in the morning I felt so tired and my mind is so in the clouds that I decided that the journey had been a lost time: being there without being there. I slept much more and arranged my stuff. Walked a bit the city and took a bus to come back. And here I am.

By the way the photograph is in the highlands from a bus in the highway in another trip. I still have to process the photographs of this journey.

17 thoughts on “Clouds visiting the earth

  1. Not every trip goes as planned, does it? I was supposed to be in Colombia for three weeks… but that didn’t happen. It sounds as though you had a restful, indulgent few days however :) It’s just too bad you didn’t have a better choice of movies on cable :D Hope to see some photos soon!

    1. Oh yes, I feel just to have made a stop since a long time, it seems years =_= Perhaps if trips would go as planned they would look like ordinary life too.
      I see you enjoyed an exhibition of street art in Colombia and, guessing by my statistics you’re in Ecuador again, I hope there you can find more surprises ;-)
      I took some pics and of course I’ll post them with more selfies xD
      Thanks for coming Melissa ^_^, hoping all’s right there.

      1. I agree – if everything went as planned, travels (and life) would be quite boring :P Yes – I’m back in Ecuador, where there’s a surprise around every corner.
        Ooooooh, selfies! I can hardly wait :D

      2. Wonderful surprises I hope (yesterday I was seeing a horror movie with not so nice surprises around every corner)
        hehe, well, next week a longer posts of selfies then :D

  2. Come on, show us a selfie with new jacket!!! By the way, while you were in traveling, national football team of Peru, made a heroic match against Brazil at the Copa America. They lost the match thanks to a goal scored in minute 92. I felt very bad for Peru and I hope to have better luck in future matches.

    1. Oh, our national team always lose so it’s not a surprise xD. Peru doens’t classify to a World Cup since before I even had born @_@. Another bad tradition of our team is to lose the match in the last minutes. More than luck we need to be more professionals. A few days ago the players were photographed drinking beer. By the way I love good football so if the winner team played welll, it doesn’t matter if it’s from another country. Thanks very much for the kind words to our team. And I’ll publish some selfies I hope in the next week; these days have been a bit tough.

      1. I know well Farfan, from Bundesliga. It is a great footballer. Too bad he is 30 years old! I have seen many matches with Schalke 04, where he played brilliantly. I hope to have soon, another footballer’s with his value, or better. Do you have a favorite team in Peru? What is?

      2. Oh yes, he’s an international star with Pizarro in the Bundesliga. They were taken to Europe before the bad situation in our country made them bad (corruption and lack of professionalism) I see warmly a team called Sporting Cristal that shined in 90’s. Which is the your favorite Romanian team :-)? I don’t see much the Champions League for a question of time but sure I follow like crazy the world cup. hehe, even more I wrote my thoughts about the matches in this blog, so a time ago it was a football blog, lol.

      3. I’m glad that you are football fan! I hope to discuss in future about football. My favorite team from Romania is Universitatea Craiova, from Europe, Internazionale Milano and from South America is Boca Juniors. At national team level, i sympathize Brazil.

      4. Universitatea Craiova, I’m going watch it in the news (y) Milano is a quite good team, I like Italian and English football, Boca is a giant with a lot of heart in South America. I loved the old Brazil with the jogo bonito of years ago, the one of these years is more technical and I don’t feel the magic it had… with Dunga again as a coach I think I’m not going to see the old Brazil soon.

  3. Well maybe you will be inspired to try and get to Chile at a later time, and at least you got some new clothes, and saw an old friend, so not all wasted time :) Hope to see your Homer Simpson sometime, I have 3 :)

    1. haha, yes! I’m having ideas about how to photograph my Homer from the future, I searched in internet and it seems to be a Burger King’s edition. I’ll try to go to Chile in some weeks, the future is unknown… Thanks!

  4. You sure seem to travel a lot Francis. Good for you, it can become tiresome , and sneaks up on a person , as k think that’s what happened to you ?!;)
    Great pictures. I’d like to own that camera ;) I have at the moment. A Nikon 7000 with an awesome lens.

    1. Thanks kind lady. Actualy I gave that Fuji X-E1 to the youngest of my brothers. Now I use my old Sony R1 manufactured in 2005. I’ve seen your photographs and I don’t see what advantage could you give you to your work, except perhaps less weight.
      More than traveling it’s the work in front of my laptop, now it’s in repair so I’m writing from my tablet and in some way it’s a bit liberating. Thanks for coming :-)

  5. I love the pastel colors of your photo… btw, next time, let us know about your future trip(s) AFTER you get there… that’s what I always do!;-))) we say in French: dont put(set) the cart before the oxes or horse(s)…:-))) or don’t sell the bear’s skin before you’ve hunted it!:-)))

    1. I use that phrase too! the one of the bear :D. You’re right Mélanie, certainly readers could take it as a promise or to have hopes to know another place. It’s last time, I promise ;-)

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