18 thoughts on “Lil red desires

  1. Just as long as you weren’t saying it to the mirror XD I really like the colors in this photo – the periwinkle blue of the sky, the green foliage and the electric red — are those leaves or flowers? — There’s one that’s in sharp focus and the others appear to be trembling…like they’re a bit nervous around you ;)

    1. haha, no x’D Some years ago to learn English and to speak with more confidence to women I entered a kind of social web where men voted to model contestants, the rules said that we had to communicate so I got beautiful friends there (it was a US based page) and that was the language… “hi gorgeous!”
      The photograph was shot with a special lens so the focus is quite thin, haha, well, yes the focus is a bit nervous.
      I saw your last post. You were in Mindo!!! my lady has to be there some days and other days in Quito. If you saw a girl grabbing toads around there then you saw her ;-)
      Thanks for coming Melissa, hoping you are having a nice evening.

      1. Such an interesting way to practice English. I wonder if I can find the equivalent for Latino fellows “Hola Guapo!” :D
        My apologies – I don’t recall seeing a toad-grabbing girl in Mindo. I would have remembered that.
        Anyway, have a good day :)

      2. Well, I don’t know a page for male models but you could try in xat, there you can search for a chat about a theme, in English or Spanish without need to open an account.
        Nah, don’t worry, I just thought that it was fantastic the casualty of you there, Mindo is quite small and I know it’s a place for birding so it was a surprise to see your post there. I’d like to know more about the forest too, but I enjoyed the images in the hotel.
        Thanks and have a good day Melissa too ;-), and as my friends in that social network used to sign and I didn’t understand in the beginning:
        Post-Data: They are the flowers of a tree in a Plaza, I forgot to add that to my first reply.

      1. In our culture everything with good intention is very welcome, so advices, observations, corrections, thoughts, jokes, ideas, and every word from you are very welcome ;-) (and besides I’m happy to read you ^_^)

  2. aha, after el arquitecto del amor, voilà FR – el arquitecto de los besos…:-))) you must be a “rara avis”, kinda love dove…;-))) bonus: Shania Twain – When You Kiss Me…

  3. Haha, we all say stuff like that when we’re young. Quite embarrassing now that we look back :) Beautiful picture! Have a great weekend!

  4. lol Francis, you too hard on your self. beautiful flowers!! well its friday here, and we r looking forward to a quiet week end… with rain… again.. our summer so far has been very wet. take care

    1. Summer with rain, it’s the same here in the highlands when we are at summer. This week the autumn ends and winter starts with the yellow fields of ichu and the frozen water (and some snow). Thanks, take care :-)

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