Personal eclipse

personal eclipse

Death sentence

Once upon a time there were two guys. One was wealthy and money got him a career, women and a comfortable life. The other guy just tried to make things well, he hasn’t money, sometimes he just could eat some carrots and water for weeks, but life is sometimes just like that so he just continued with his life.

Then one day the wealthy one discovered to the other guy, probably he couldn’t tolerate that despite his money he could be surpassed. Actually the other guy didn’t care about be superior to somebody, those ratings are meaningless anyway; but the wealthy one decided that, again, his money meant he could do anything he wanted, so he sentenced to the other guy to death.

To this point perhaps you have guessed that I’m the other guy. Time ago, before opening this blog I received threats to my life, I cannot go to the police because the wealth of my… antagonist (?) comes from illegal sources and can buy him the police loyalty. Besides in my country if you try to follow the rules you get stuck like the main characters of Kafka… So instead I had to ask favors to delete my presence in internet (my name here is actually the second one) erase social networks that anyway I wasn’t using and prepare a plan to attack him in case he could get close to me. I investigate enough to know that his knowledge about me was quite incomplete, but the threat was real… If some day I’m under real danger I prepared things to prove him that every action has an equal reaction, and that his money is not to serve him if some other people he attacked would discover his actions.

I was thinking in that because I couldn’t explain to my lady why I seem an idiot and why I’m not more open to my own friends. Even with my closer friends in WordPress I’ve never get a closer relationship, it’s in part a way to protect myself. I opened a facebook account but just for her, and that account is a weak point because it has real data about me, but I didn’t want to lie to her, and besides I prefer to live a complete life under my rules than a half life under the rules of another. And darned the day I’ll die in the hands of somebody that acts like a spoiled child and even worse has a bad orthography in his own language. I mean, from friends I ask just time to built confidence, but from enemies I ask intelligence, otherwise I cannot consider that person an enemy but a nuisance.

I wish someday I could explain myself to her. But the future is unknown… (fortunately)

34 thoughts on “Personal eclipse

  1. dunno why I’m not that surprised about your story… why?!… my intuition again: remember when I asked you about your travel plans several months ago?… I simply suggested to you:”if you don’t wanna mention anything her, just email me, please!” – and you chose and decided to mention… maybe Japan!
    * * *
    it’s one of the reasons for which I’ll never set foot in certain South American countries… hélas!!!
    * * *
    you’re very young, FR and you can’t go on living in fear… I’m sure you could go to another (safer) country, why not Spain and/or its Canary or/and Balearic islands?!… salud, coraje y determinación! NO pasaran!!! com amistad, Mélanie

    1. I choose Japan for studies opportunities and after that coming back to Peru, not like a way to scape from my country, in that case I would feel ashamed of myself. I don’t feel fear, just I’m disappointed to be bothered by a childish bully. My choice always will be not to scape but to fight.
      Oh, I’d never go to Spain, although quite educated here in WordPress the few Spaniards I met in real life in my country were sully and never replied my greetings (what is an offense in our culture). Besides in news regularly there are informs from Spain about abuses in their customs against us (I guess because they fear poor migrants invading or something) and discriminatory acts in their territory; and well, in Peru I’ve just one enemy, my intuition makes me think that because my origin in Spain I’d have much more enemies XD
      Thanks Mélanita :-) I’m grateful for your understanding and your advice, I can assure you that I’ll be fine ;-)

  2. What a horrible story…I don’t understand why people would turn towards such threats. I’d rather live my own life, with good and bad, and not worry about what others do or have. Pity to not be able to see things this way. I hope you will get this sorted out. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Take care!

    1. I don’t know, my whole life some people thought that my victories didn’t correspond to me but to themselves. I think that’s a signal to be miserable and to don’t accept in life if something doesn’t work as somebody thought it then you have to try harder, don’t blame the other person (in this case me)
      Thanks Lucy ^_^ Everything will be ok and my life is good, for example I met you here and that’s not a little thing that, despite some dark spots, makes life great ;-)

      1. Some people just can’t make peace with the fact that only they are responsible for the misery in their lives. We choose how we respond to whatever hits us on the way, and if we don’t like where we stand, we can always move. Hard to accept it apparently, for some of us.
        I’m happy you don’t let this get to you. It’s indeed great to meet wonderful people like you :) Makes life so much beautiful!
        Have a lovely weekend, my friend!

      2. I agree completely with you, Lucy, in the end the damage is towards themselves, spending their lives in things that have no importance. Happiness is more important.
        Thanks Lucy, lovely weekend for you too :-)!

  3. It is shocking what you wrote here! I want to belive than it is just a story. I think you’re too educated for have, in reality, such problems. Only you know the reality and only you can find a solution, if is needed. I feel bad, knowing that we are talking here about football, history, photo…, and you, it’s possible to have such trouble. I want to help somehow, but i don’t know how! Your story has saddened me, Francis! I think, for a period, i don’t post any pictures, as solidarity with your trouble. All these pictures with beautiful places and happy people, seem stupid in this context. I fail to understand how it’s your wold!

    1. Those are things that happens here, construction is sometimes a nasty business and everybody makes their own rules. But yes, I’ve such problems like several people, in fact it’s so common that I wouldn’t call it a problem but a nuisance, a problem would be to have debts with the tax agency :D, and personally I think my only problem is the lack of communication with my lady. This is just how is the life.
      My solution is to give what I’m receiving, I’m grateful for your wishes but there is no need to be worried, I’m not going to let something happens to me.
      And please, don’t stop your blog, that wouldn’t help me, instead would help the person that wants to see me destroyed. I mean, if I let that fear wins then I would be death in life, living in a closed room, instead I’m traveling, writing, doing my business and working well. If you make such a gesture actually that would be sad, things that help me are for example see the marvelous work of people like you, a world without photographs, poems, stories, travels across the eyes of the people I visit would be an empty world.
      This problem exploded more or less a bit more than a year ago, in that period I’ve taken many measures to be safe (and to attack if is the case) and besides it isn’t the worse episode in my life, I think worse was when I was assaulted by for people but then again I fighted back ;-)

      1. 0-0 on pause! My prediction for the final result is 0-0. Columbia playing with pressure, Peru seems more relaxed! It would be a great performance for peruvians. Colombia has some big names in Europe, in this moment.

      2. Yes, it’s. Colombia is one of the strongest teams in South America, and Peru one of the weakest but we are enduring.

      3. A ugly match, but congratulations for qualifying! Guerrero battled well and Advincula is a interesting player ! At the moment Peru is a better team than Romania!

      4. Yes, quite ugly, I hate matches without goals! so much disorder in the game, without skill.
        mmm, I have my doubts about the comparison with Romania, I mean, you are in the highly competitive European tournaments. The South American tournaments aren’t so competitive (except at national level Argentina and Brazil)

      5. Romania has the easiest qualifying group from history of participating in European Championship. This explains leader position. It is a happy coincidence, because now we have the weakest national team from the last 30 years. At the moment no romanian player, does not play as titular, in a big team of Europe. For this reason, i know three names in the peruvian team: Guerrero, Farfan, Vargas, but you don’t know any player from the current romanian team. My team will qualify for the final tournament, but i have fear, about what will happen there. Romanian football is in a general dramatic state.

  4. I am sorry to hear about your problems Francis, I don’t like bullies and I don’t tolerate them, I do hope things improve for you. Best wishes for you. Love that image!

    1. Thanks Karen :-) I’m positive and I know things eventually are going to be much better. That bully is wasting his life not mine.
      The photograph was made using a Center Filter (one of those with special effects that is seldom used) and I shot with it a bulb in my home. I liked so much the effect, and I’m glad you liked too :-)

  5. Ahhh, so now I understand the why the aura of mystery. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having such problems, but you can see that many people care about you and support you. All the best, Francis – Cuidate!

    1. Hi Melissa :-) I think I needed to explain myself, I don’t like to play mysteries, I prefer to solve them. And I don’t want that my readers get an idea of perhaps I’m a jerk (probably I am, lol, but that’s not the reason of the mystery here)
      Thanks Melissa, btw I saw you enabled the option to give likes, Is it intentional? Just to know and respect your wishes ;-)

      1. Noooo – you’re not a jerk! You’re one of the good guys :)
        If the like button is still active, then it’s only because I haven’t figured out a way to deactivate it ;) Hit it. Don’t hit it. I don’t care :P
        This is me being a jerk because I’m burnt out on blogging and at this point I’m just trying to let friends and family know (roughly) where I am and that I’m safe.
        The numbers just don’t matter.
        Have a great evening and a fabulous Sunday, Mr. X ;)

      2. Thanks ^_^ Ah well, then those are good news. I think I going to stop to liking your comments, because it’s obvious that I like to read them ;-)
        If the mind or the body ask for a rest then we’ve to rest. In any case I like to see too where are you and to read your portraits of the people. Actually you’re the only person that isn’t afraid to say her opinion, before I commented in posts about Peru but the authors suddenly seemed to be afraid to give a critic, like if I would be offended to read the truth :S well, lol. Great evening and a fantabulous Sunday Miss M :D (haha, Mr.X! that make me remember the Simpsons episode when Homer is a blogger and that was his nick to cover his identity X’D)

    1. Don’t worry, I could die tomorrow in a car accident (or in an “accident” lol), but in the end I’m not worried about death but to live my life. Without a own family I guess it’s easier to me, in part for that reason I’m publishing my photographs or stories, to don’t have nothing saved or hidden.
      More important to me is to have known (at least a bit) good people like you, and be happy if you’re safe, so I don’t know and I don’t care what happens tomorrow I’m happy today. A big thanks, Gin; hoping all’s right there in the islands at the beginning of the summer and sending you the biggest smile of thanks from Peru :-)

      1. It’s a bit rainy but everything is good! I’ve seen old castles, puffins, nice lochs and mountains :-)

        Stay happy and enjoy summer:-) how is the weather in Peru by the way ?

      2. “castles, puffins, nice lochs and mountains” wow, that’s cool! Lord of The Rings adventure ^_^
        Peru has 28 climates so if you want summer, snow, desert or jungle you’ve just to take a bus xD, now I’m in a desert so despite the winter it’s a bit hot night and days are full blue skies, in the highlands of the Andean Plateau instead it’s a cold winter but perhaps this year it’s not going to be snow around the lake Titicaca.

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