How to post your Flickr photographs on WordPress

little man

Little Man

(2019 update. Flickr was adquired by another company and free accounts are limited to 1000 photographs. They are very reasonable about the reasons. But in relation to the photographes I posted… I had to get time to resize them and using the storage of WordPress. I could leave one thousand photographs here and in Flickr but it would not be a good idea in the long term. I am leaving online this method if you want to use this method for your WordPress)

WordPress gives you 3GB of storage to upload photographs. Sounds a lot but it’s not, I don’t have time to resize my thousands of photographs and I post a photograph every day, and one day a week I post longer articles with several photographs to illustrate travels or ideas. Today I’ve in Flickr 32GB of photographs. I can’t consider to purchase a professional WordPress to get more storage because it’s just a hobby and it would horrible if some year I couldn’t pay the annual fee and suddenly my readers just would see black images.

My solution: storage my photographs in Flickr (it makes it for free) and share the links here.

The result: after more than five hundreds posts I’ve only used 17MB of my 3GB. Almost nothing.

How to do it:

1.-To the photographs previously updated left click in the arrow, that’s the button to get the links

how to post (0)


2.- In the menu that is going to be displayed select BBCode and the size you want to publish on WordPress

how to post (1)


3.- Grab just a part of the resulting link. Otherwise you’re not going to get option to add caption and a link

how to post (2)


For example. The complete link would be: [url=][img][/img][/url][url=]How to post c[/url] by [url=]Francis. R[/url], on Flickr

You have to paste just the highlighted part. I call it the second body of the link. Flickr doesn’t support an easier way to share (as I want) photographs to WordPress so I had to use several trial and errors until get this method.

4.- Open the option to add photographs in WordPress

how to post (3)


5.- Paste the fragment of the link I indicated and fill the optional data if you wish

how to post (4)


Sometimes when there are several photographs I type the captions to each photograph. When the caption is the title then I leave it in blank. Optionally you can add a link so you can direct the photograph to the full screen version in Flickr. If you don’t want to do it then this is your last step. If you want to do it then see the next steps.

6.- To set a link to the photograph first in Flickr make it full screen and copy the link of the web browser

how to post (5)


7.- Paste the link in the post and end clicking “Insert in post” option

how to post (6)


And that’s all! I hope this little manual can serve you ;-)

37 thoughts on “How to post your Flickr photographs on WordPress

    1. Thanks Sylvie. I tried to make it the simplest possible but the reality is that at the beginning it’s a bit confuse, the price to be free perhaps.
      I love specially your maritime landscapes, if someday you decide to use Flickr (there is Smugmug as well that is far easier to use but costs a monthly fee) this post is going to be for you :-)

  1. Hi Francis, ive been a member of Flickr from way back when, i pay a yearly fee, and ive never ever had a problem with storage. since i cant read the rest of your blog “it says 404,unfound” im assuming you are talking about the free site?.

    1. Hi! I’m sorry about the problem with my blog… In my laptop it seems all right and I checked again the images I posted and they’re working… I hope more readers can give feedback but probably is it a problem of connection from your side?
      Said that I was saying the opposite: Flickr has no problems of storage (my free account has one terabyte) the problem is with WordPress, in WordPress you have a limit of 3GB in the free WordPress account, if you need more you’ve to pay a yearly fee. I know you have just recently used WordPress so you don’t have notifications of used storage yet. My solution is to don’t upload the photographs to WordPress but to share the image from my Flickr account.
      If you still see the 404 error please I’ll appreciate to know it to see if I can solve it.

      1. Ohh sorry Francis, my PC is working fine, but I’m sure it is still my problem, since I still don’t know how to work it all that well, I’ll try again, when I get on my PC. I am on my iPad now.

      2. I’m going to ask to other readers. I’m sure there is always a solution, perhaps some configuration from my side. Take care :-)

    1. Thanks! it’s in La Paz, Bolivia’s capital. A neo-gothic church, with the trees as watchers and the big doors the walking person is in another scale of proportions. Well, churches are in proportion with the gods I guess.

    2. Your new site looks lovely :-)! but I’m sure you didn’t it for the storage but to have a more professional blog ;-) I say that because I remember you are careful to resize your photographs and in general very professional with your work :-)
      It’s complicated at the beginning but after that it’s like drive. I agree nonetheless that it’s unnecessarily complicated, with my Smugmug account it was easier (although not so much easier)

      1. I love my Smugmug site, though of course no one ever visits or leaves comments there so there is no social side to it for me, but the pictures look grand and I like the way you can customise it so much.

      2. I loved it too, but I needed my resources to buy books and stuff like that. When I had my account I left you some comments ;-) Actually I liked that there is not that social thing of likes and follows, just to show your photographs, and still I think the pictures posted from there looks a bit better than posted from flickr.
        By the way a favor pleeeease!! Do you have problems to see the entire post or there is a 404 error? Thanks :-)

  2. Hello Francis, well I’m on my iPad, and see everything I couldn’t see this morning. And now I understand what your saying, and it all makes sense . I will certainly give this a try, as I still don’t know if I’ll get into the yearly payment thing . This is good info. Thank you❤️
    Ps I’m not a fan of smugmug;) I know Fraggy loves it.

    1. Thanks to you ^_^ And sorry for the inconveniences, I’m pretty sure that perhaps I’ve modified a configuration because my blog should be clear to see in any dispositive. I’m happy to give you an option ;-)

  3. A free Flickr account gives you 1 TB? That’s cool…If I switch over to a free WordPress account, then I can definitely put this info to use :) Thank you!

    1. You’re welcome Melissa, I’m happy to have posted it, I’m sure it’ll useful to other people too because I didn’t find tutorials to use Flickr with WordPress.
      It’s pretty cool to use this system, I’m sure that without that help my WordPress account could have died long ago XD also I choose a free theme and I customized it lightly (it was originally white but I tuned down a bit) so I don’t need to pay. Well, hoping you are having a great evening ;-)

  4. Million thanks to my dear Francis! This is very useful for me!
    As each post I upload lots of photos, I wish this way wont spend me lots of time? Confusing…

    1. I had to be true to my word so here it’s the post ;-)
      If you upload first the whole of your photographs for that post actually there is no much time. I spend fifteen seconds per image more or less in my longer posts (to type titles) but for one photograph it’s just a few seconds because as the images are in Flickr there is no need to WordPress to upload the photographs (so they don’t use the space of your account)
      At the beginning, with the first four or five photographs it took me more time, but when you save it in your memory you do it by instinct.
      Anyway, I suggest you, if you use this method, to upload your photographs to Flickr at least with hours to anticipation so you’ve not to worry about that when you’re going to post.
      Any question do you have I’ll be there to help. Take care!!

      1. Sure I will try this method on my next post! If I have any confuse, i will run over here to ask ️for help, my dear Francis! Much love.

  5. You are a GENIUS, thanks for sharing this post !!! I’ve been struggling a lot with my pictures lately, I’ve decreased the quality dramatically, to be able to post them on wordpress. This is a fabulous option !!! I may try to use it !!!

    1. And you’re an angel for thinking that :-), I’m not a genius but perhaps a stingy man lol! This effort just was to avoid the paid version :P
      I hope you can get it, and if some time you use this tutorial and have some doubt I’ll be here chained to my laptop to give you some help ;-)

      1. You are a clever, clever man ! I wonder why I haven’t thought about that :p And I’ve already a flickr account, so it’s perfect ! :-)

      2. Enough, enough kind lady! I’m going to melt by your compliments :$ I’ll happy to see your work with higher quality to appreciate the details of your landscapes and the richness of your colors (or colours now that you’re in UK) \(^_-)=

    1. You are welcome, Mary. I’m glad it can be useful to you and every person here that posts regularly images.
      Hoping you are having a great weekend, kind regards,

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