18 thoughts on “Lil’ brothers

  1. I love this photo – it reminds me of the tiger-striped kitty that I rescued several years ago :) I have to ask — what program do you use to process your photos?

    1. Hi, Melissa. Happy to bring some good memories ;-)
      I process my photos with Photo Ninja from Picturecode.com. You can download the program to give it an unlimited free try, the only limitation is that you cannot save the processed files. It’s quite simple and I choose it because it makes me process the photographs with the colors I saw and another important reason to me that is it hasn’t tools to altering the photographs so there is no temptation to modify the reality. It hasn’t healing or cloning brushes so everything you see in my photographs is everything I saw myself. Mostly I correct white balance, crop if the composition ask it and finally tune subtly the colors to match the ones in my memories, it’s quite simple to use in comparison to others RAW converters that looks more like space ships controls. Said that I use it for the RAW files of my camera to get the maximum of it, although it works great in jpeg too I suggest you that if you don’t work with the RAW files of your camera the tag price of 129 bucks could be a bit high and instead I’d suggest you the free PhotoScape (it doesn’t work with raw but with the common JPEG and has a lot of tools) or if you want mobility Snapseed in Android if you had it. Well, it’s a long reply because it’s a question with more questions inside. Hoping it can serve you, take care :-)

      1. I greatly appreciate your lengthy answer :) I’d like to learn a bit more about processing photos ( I don’t do much to mine), but I’m not ready to invest in Lightroom just yet. I’ve never worked with RAW files before, but I think it’s worth practicing on a few photos, and I just found out that my camera will save files in both formats — Pretty cool! A great afternoon to you :)

      2. Great afternoon to you as well Melissa, and hoping you had a great lunch. You can try Lightroom for one month free too without limitations. To me personally had so much options that I could do nothing. In my plans is to make a tutorial/review about how I use Photo Ninja to process my photographs. If I can permit to dare to give some advice I’d say you that try to make or select thing that doesn’t rob you the joy of take photographs, be hours and hours edition are one of those nasty things I try to avoid.

    1. They’re adorable *_* ☺
      I’ve my spaceship controls but in AutoCAD Architecture, there I use just commands and a high customization. Said that you do a fantastic work with your X-T1 (y)! If I’m not wrong you use Lightroom, to me it has so many options that edit a file seemed an unending task and I couldn’t get ride of that digital look. I guess it would be a question of time to master it but anyway, I’m happy with my simpler program XD Thanks!

      1. I have Lightroom which I use for most everything, but also Photoshop for when I want to do some faffography :) I find LR very fast! Each to his own though, & I love your reality photographs, as you know. Viva la difference :)

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