8 thoughts on “You (ha)ve to come

    1. Thanks Caroline, I like that photograph too :-) It’s the carnival/qashwa that we celebrate in March, our ceremonies were mixed a bit with Spanish parties to survive, so the qashwa that celebrates the time to the first harvests and the ceremonies to say thanks to the Earth, Apus (sacred hills) and Cochas (sacred lagoons) and to make the simulated fight of the halves, coincides with the carnival of Catholics so also there are disguises and the usual.
      Hoping all’s right there :-)

      1. Everything is fine here… I hope that you are well too… there are thoughts going your way from this northern part of the Earth… take care Francis.

      2. Your thoughts are the warm sunlight of a Montreal afternoon softening our winter. A little thanks and a big smile for you, Caroline :-)

    1. Actually not, although she’s a bit similar, and to my eyes absolutely beautiful. I don’t put much photographs where there is another people but here the person in black is unfocused, not so unfocused I admit. I took her photograph because I liked the contrast of her black dress in the multicoloured party, and her expression of a bit of stress at the end of the party.
      We as natives are different from people with European background, our skin is tanner, our eyes a bit different too, perhaps is another concept of beauty. My lady things she is an ugly girl but I think is just that advertisement just consider beautiful a tall lady of green eyes and natural blond hair (I think that every lady is beautiful) haha, well, a very long reply for a small question D: Take care kind lady, thanks!

      1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that’s a well used saying, but I think it applies to all cultures, physical beauty ensnares our hearts, but internal beauty feeds and nurtures our capacity for love. Self esteem should not come from what you look like, but who you are. I feel your lady has a journey to travel to look beyond the superficiality of adverts.

      2. I hope a shared journey with me XD! It’s just you don’t know the pressure in our countries, if you could see our advertisement in media you’d think we are descendants of Thor and Valkyries X’D Our societies are built around those prejudices, but I’m proud of myself ;-)

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