Thick weather

thick weather


This is one of my favorite weathers in my land, in the highlands. People from the coast feel it like an intimidating weather but to me the experience is quite different. There is no sun so I can run and explore and I feel so powerful as the landscape itself; like if would be a giant of thousands of meters made of energy creating the world with my steps.

Except when there is an electric storm; outside the city borders the death is not by cold or heat but by electricity.

10 thoughts on “Thick weather

      1. I think k people forget what’s in their own “backyard” as the saying goes . We have bland skies for s good portion of the year .. Gray and dreary ., so it’s always wonderful to see a beautiful blue sky ;) like yours

  1. I find the sun is more intimidating than any rainstorm. I always liked to sit outside on the porch and watch the spring storms rolling in, bringing a light show that was more impressive than any fireworks display. Thanks for the happy memory. Have a great day :)

    1. Near the city yes, but outside the city there aren’t lightning rods, I’m sure in US is safer. Instead in Peru every year people dies here from lightning bolts. Oh, but to me sun can be so intimidating :D Great day for you too Melissa :-)

    1. You’re always welcome dear Caroline; I’m quite happy that you can feel the landscape through the window of my photography, I’m quite happy to read you.

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