Make it light

make it light


I love flares. They give an appearance of science fiction and happiness to things. My life when kid was in an old adobe house with rationed electricity so naturally I always was attracted by computers, metallic instruments and artificial lights. I loved the J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie, the plot and the photography and the flares. I didn’t see the original TV show (I saw the next generation with Patrick Stewart) but sure know I’m much more familiar with the characters.

The photograph was taken from the second floor of a fast food restaurant in La Paz, people was seeing a match of the Bolivian national team, perhaps they guessed my foreign origin when I preferred to sit instead in a place to see the city through a dirty window. Of course I couldn’t let pass those flares ;-)

15 thoughts on “Make it light

  1. You did an awesome job Francis. And I can certainly understand wanting what we Most of us grew up with, I can imagine life with out what we have become so use to and take for granted
    But we have a saying over here…we always want what we don’t have.. I like to believe ha can’t miss what ya never had, but I’m sure I’d miss electricity and all the modern conveniences;

    1. Actually when child I saw those TV shows and I didn’t want to have those things that seemed like a futuristic utopia (like Disney World) but I was happy that other people could enjoy those extraordinary places. When we’re boys I guess we have enough with a piece of wood to convert it in a space ship XD. One thing the lack of electricity gave me was to appreciate silence and a calm life (and to have a functional bathroom at least). Thanks kind lady ^_^

      1. Oh, it’s Friday! that’s a bad thing about working independently, sometimes I don’t notice the days :S, nice weekend for you too, thanks! :-)

  2. Congratulations to qualify for the semifinals, but Chile “must” to play the final. I did not see the match against Bolivia because it was at a time of night for Romania. Romanian sports press lauded evolution of Guerrero. Main title of principal sports newspaper (Gazeta Sporturilor) was “Hattrick De Vis, Guerrero!” = “Hattrick Of Dream, Guerrero!”. The article says it was a clear and deserved victory. For match with Chile, it’s need a miracle and fair referees!

    1. Thanks :-), I imagine that there is a lot of people drinking in the streets. Still I’m impressed that the name of our obscure country can reach so far as Romania :O.
      Guerrero is playing strangely well, usually he seems to seek faults to be outside of the match and concentrate in its Brazilian career, so good for him (and for us :D)
      Chile is a quite professional team! I hope that the best team can win,

  3. Look at the world through your camera lens, Francis, and even La Paz, Bolivia can seem like a futuristic city…
    I greatly appreciate what a comfort the lights can be when sometimes you have to live without – especially in the dark. I got a taste of it last night when I crossed the border from Ecuador into a very dark Peru…..It’s why I’m running a bit behind – Sorry about that :P
    Have a great evening!

    1. In contrast to find dark cities at night is quite scary to me, like if in some place the energy towers were exploded or if some kind of disaster is happening, and even people seems a bit more aggressive.
      But having you here again means you’re now in the luminous side of the world ;-) welcome back Melissa and great evening too ^^/

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