Poles’ Sabbath

poles sabath


Under the stars a secret meeting starts. Silently and without turning any light on they pronounce words meant to be unheard to human minds.

This is the secret, the lines we draw in the space are also a threshold and a gate, seven is six and one more.

The eternal night is almost upon us.

16 thoughts on “Poles’ Sabbath

    1. Thanks Cindy :-) It’s a long exposure photograph; moonlight helped to illuminate the hill and the stars in our land at 3800 m of altitude (more than 12 000 ft.) is crystal clear to see stars *_*

    1. Even better now it’s a shared dream. It was a curious place, the poles seemed silent monks and the moon was behind the hill about to appear, like the premonition of a fulfilling prophecy. Thanks, Caroline☺

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