At the end of the highway a black night

sleeping town

sleeping town

I’m leaving this world in search of a place with you. Perhaps one in this shared dream that we call reality, perhaps one in this personal dream that we call memory. I’m not in this muted world anyway, anymore.

destiny to the sunset

Destiny: sunset

A final melody composed with the frozen drops of a forgotten rain made of your mementos. This road seems to have only one direction and just one end. A voracious time doesn’t forgive and turns the hours in months and the months in dust.

always two sides

always two sides


An infinite horizon says that if you walk someday you’re going to find the one you are looking for, but it doesn’t say you if at the end of the road the one she is waiting for is you.

highway blaze

highway blaze

Exhausting my mornings building vast prophecies, desires to have a night illuminated by your star. My eyes looking up farther and farther away a proof of you; unable to fathom the mirage of lights in this cruelty road.

signals with sleepy eyes

signals with sleepy eyes

Perhaps I should just close my eyes, but there is no sense: inside there is a river and its stream has the music of your laugh and its surface shaped with countless versions of the blaze in your eyes.

wind from a dream

wind from a dream

A world made illusion. A world made of undefined shapes. A silhouette that yell one last time a lie, “I don’t care” replies a river inside.

At the end there is only a lonely night.

(I shot the images in the Peruvian side of the highway around the lake Titicaca while traveling from a trip to Bolivia)

8 thoughts on “At the end of the highway a black night

    1. I’d like to share happier thoughts too, but I think that’s the thing with diaries, some sad days are unavoidable. For other side I guess is a success to express a feeling in a language I’m far to master.
      But nothing is forever so I’m sure better days have to come :-)

  1. Before the match against Chile, i was afraid of the referees, but the main problem was that Peru not had 11 players. Zambrano not played for Peru! On the goal from 42th minutes, can discuss about little offside and in the 64th minute was a lucky goal, but the peruvian goal was also lucky. This match had won with any cost to Chile. What was the price? Zambrano can tell you!!! I was footballer for 10 years and i know that’s an attack, like Zambrano attak, is not involuntarily! Peruvian adventure ends here, unfortunately. I tell you as consolation, Romania will be in 8th place, in July, in the FIFA rankings, but Peru have a better team than Romania. I know very well romanian football, i watched Peru in this tournament and what i say, is true. If you’re sad for failure to the final match, then you think to the brazilians!!!

    1. You’re quite generous with our selection :-) In Peru always happens that one player acts cowardly and make a fault to avoid to play. Usually that player is Guerrero but this time he played well and the one that doesn’t bare the pressure was Zambrano. You have a more professional eye so you have seen the truth in my affirmation (ten years playing! wow)
      I’m not sad for our team, they did far better than I expected and this time the team seemed more a team than a bunch of scholars.
      About the Brazilians I’m quite happy that they’re having a disappointing tournament, that’s because Dunga doesn’t deserve to lead the Brazilian team, he was the less Brazilians of the Brazilian players and now he want to destroy the magic of Brazil and replace it with an army of players with the same football style as him. With that I hope somebody else can be leading Brazil for the sake of good football.

  2. Fantastic captures Francis, I love the night lights on the highway. And I can remember in grammar school hearing about lake titicaca.
    Kind of sad words in this one though.. Hopes
    It’s only to go with the work??? And everything is fine.
    Thanks for sharing your art

    1. Lake Titicaca is what is left from an interior sea millions of years ago, it’s said to be the highest navigable lake on the world at more than 12 000 ft of altitude and in the scale of sacred places it was one of the most sacred ones in the Inca Empire and in the kingdoms and empires before them.
      My words… I was thinking about a lady that seems to have vanished in a dream, so I guess my words are just the common ones that we men say in those occasions. Everything in some moment is going to be fine :-)
      Thanks for the compliments kind lady, hoping you’re having a great week.

  3. Francis, those words are melodic. I hear the music of the soul. The universal one. So I’m glad you let them sing. For they probably long to exist outside of you.
    And that picture of the sleeping town moves me.
    Thank you for writing.

    1. I’ve noticed that to me is more difficult to write in Spanish. The sounds seem more harder to harmonize. In those towns the life is quite different, not simpler, happier or better but certainly more essential, I was thinking to move to work there some time and live a live in slow time.
      Thank you for be here and for being you and for your words to me, Caroline :-)

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