How to post your Flickr photographs on WordPress

little man

Little Man

(2019 update. Flickr was adquired by another company and free accounts are limited to 1000 photographs. They are very reasonable about the reasons. But in relation to the photographes I posted… I had to get time to resize them and using the storage of WordPress. I could leave one thousand photographs here and in Flickr but it would not be a good idea in the long term. I am leaving online this method if you want to use this method for your WordPress)

WordPress gives you 3GB of storage to upload photographs. Sounds a lot but it’s not, I don’t have time to resize my thousands of photographs and I post a photograph every day, and one day a week I post longer articles with several photographs to illustrate travels or ideas. Today I’ve in Flickr 32GB of photographs. I can’t consider to purchase a professional WordPress to get more storage because it’s just a hobby and it would horrible if some year I couldn’t pay the annual fee and suddenly my readers just would see black images.

My solution: storage my photographs in Flickr (it makes it for free) and share the links here.

The result: after more than five hundreds posts I’ve only used 17MB of my 3GB. Almost nothing.

How to do it:

1.-To the photographs previously updated left click in the arrow, that’s the button to get the links

how to post (0)


2.- In the menu that is going to be displayed select BBCode and the size you want to publish on WordPress

how to post (1)


3.- Grab just a part of the resulting link. Otherwise you’re not going to get option to add caption and a link

how to post (2)


For example. The complete link would be: [url=][img][/img][/url][url=]How to post c[/url] by [url=]Francis. R[/url], on Flickr

You have to paste just the highlighted part. I call it the second body of the link. Flickr doesn’t support an easier way to share (as I want) photographs to WordPress so I had to use several trial and errors until get this method.

4.- Open the option to add photographs in WordPress

how to post (3)


5.- Paste the fragment of the link I indicated and fill the optional data if you wish

how to post (4)


Sometimes when there are several photographs I type the captions to each photograph. When the caption is the title then I leave it in blank. Optionally you can add a link so you can direct the photograph to the full screen version in Flickr. If you don’t want to do it then this is your last step. If you want to do it then see the next steps.

6.- To set a link to the photograph first in Flickr make it full screen and copy the link of the web browser

how to post (5)


7.- Paste the link in the post and end clicking “Insert in post” option

how to post (6)


And that’s all! I hope this little manual can serve you ;-)

Personal eclipse

personal eclipse

Death sentence

Once upon a time there were two guys. One was wealthy and money got him a career, women and a comfortable life. The other guy just tried to make things well, he hasn’t money, sometimes he just could eat some carrots and water for weeks, but life is sometimes just like that so he just continued with his life.

Then one day the wealthy one discovered to the other guy, probably he couldn’t tolerate that despite his money he could be surpassed. Actually the other guy didn’t care about be superior to somebody, those ratings are meaningless anyway; but the wealthy one decided that, again, his money meant he could do anything he wanted, so he sentenced to the other guy to death.

To this point perhaps you have guessed that I’m the other guy. Time ago, before opening this blog I received threats to my life, I cannot go to the police because the wealth of my… antagonist (?) comes from illegal sources and can buy him the police loyalty. Besides in my country if you try to follow the rules you get stuck like the main characters of Kafka… So instead I had to ask favors to delete my presence in internet (my name here is actually the second one) erase social networks that anyway I wasn’t using and prepare a plan to attack him in case he could get close to me. I investigate enough to know that his knowledge about me was quite incomplete, but the threat was real… If some day I’m under real danger I prepared things to prove him that every action has an equal reaction, and that his money is not to serve him if some other people he attacked would discover his actions.

I was thinking in that because I couldn’t explain to my lady why I seem an idiot and why I’m not more open to my own friends. Even with my closer friends in WordPress I’ve never get a closer relationship, it’s in part a way to protect myself. I opened a facebook account but just for her, and that account is a weak point because it has real data about me, but I didn’t want to lie to her, and besides I prefer to live a complete life under my rules than a half life under the rules of another. And darned the day I’ll die in the hands of somebody that acts like a spoiled child and even worse has a bad orthography in his own language. I mean, from friends I ask just time to built confidence, but from enemies I ask intelligence, otherwise I cannot consider that person an enemy but a nuisance.

I wish someday I could explain myself to her. But the future is unknown… (fortunately)

84.5mm medium reversed Graduated ND Square Filter Review

Emerging rock

Filter applied to reproduce the tones of sunset. The darker part coincide with the lower part of the sky.

(Disclaimer: I’m not related to 84.5mm, this review is not sponsored and I bought the filters with my own money)

Continuing my series of reviews today I present my thoughts about a reverse graduated filter manufactured by 84.5mm in Slovakia. Their filters have great quality at an accessible price, but first some basic data:

  • What is a Reverse Graduated ND Square Filter? Is a filter that can be made of glass or resin with a half part totally clear and the other half darkened, this dark half usually is darker in the top and less dark in the end of its half, but in a reversed filter the darker part is at the bottom. It’s square so it needs a holder to put in front of the lens; ND stands for neutral density so it shouldn’t deform the colors of your scene. In short it’s like put a shadow in part of the front of your lens.
  • Do I need a Reverse Graduated ND Filter? If you shot landscapes, sunsets, sunrises… yes! Because the camera cannot see what your eyes can see in terms of highlights and shadows. If your camera is old then absolutely, but if you have a camera manufactured in 2014 or 2015 with a big sensor then not so much, you can simulate more or less successfully the effect with any modern raw converter.
  • Which one to buy? The cheapest you get is probably to be unusable for you. The cheapest ones have magenta casts. There are brands like Lee that sells them but they are expensive to my budget so I canont say much about them, the only problem with the most of companies that make them is that they are mostly made of resin and they always get scratches. I can say that 84.5mm’s filters are of quite good quality with a great price but they’re also made of resin (optical glass) and recently Chinese companies have real glass reverse graduated filters that I want to try next to reduce the costs to be buying one new every year.
  • Why you don’t use a soft or strong graduated ND filter? I can use my reverse filter to replace those filters, I’ll explain it with more detail.

The filter in the camera

845mm medium reversed nd mounted in camera

84.5mm medium reversed ND mounted in camera. It’s attached via a Cokin type “P” holder, it allows me to rotate it to any position I want.

How it looks with lens in mode tele

The filter is unfocused here, but it shows the effect. The sky under the “shadow” of the filter get the tones I see with my eyes and the the clear part is crystal clear.

Ilo's Magic Sun

The darker part of the filter in the lens in mode tele coincides with the position of the sun rendering perfectly with the subtle warm tones.

I don’t use soft or hard graduated filters because they are darker in the upper part, and the sun never is going to be in the upper part in sunsets and sunrises.

Also I prefer to use graduated filters over digital techniques like HDR because in that part of the day usually there is wind or movement. And it feels more honest, of course every photograph here was shot in RAW and processed, but with the goal to get a photograph closer to what my eyes saw.

mars countryside

Stitched image with three photographs. The filter helped to get the field illuminated and the colors in the mountains show the highlights perfectly rendered, without it either the fields had been dark or the sky almost white.

The ending sunset

As in the previous photograph the fields are not black despite the sun has gone and the sky shows detail in the clouds. Notice how the tree look like a silhouette but it’s the natural way we looked we our eyes.

colina insinuada

Without the filter the detail of the fog and clouds hadn’t be so well rendered.

cloudy morning

This photograph could look not so amazing but the detail I got in the shining parts of the morning is amazing, without the filter that white line would be just something empty.

I made my road with nocturnal fire

The clouds have such a drama… the filter allowed to make it possible, for me it’s vital to landscapes, its effect is quite subtle in comparison to using only digital tools, at least in older cameras.



I darkened the top of the hills, so the silhouette could make them more impressive.

If you use this filter just to avoid clipped highlights then you’re using it just mechanically, you are not exploding the creative opportunities this filter opens for you. You can add drama shadowing parts of the scene, highlighting other parts. It can helps you not just to reproduce an scene but to say what you want to mean.


I darkened the part of the distant city, it was so shiny and my goal was to highlight the errant animal, its loneliness.

Walking into the sea

The darkest part of the filter coincides with the crashing waves in the foreground, so they could conserve their details, another benefit is that the stones are silhouettes so they contrast better with the clear water.

frozen time

I used a reverse filter with this landscape and I didn’t need a soft graduated filter (another thing in the bag, nah!)

What happens when you use a reverse grad on a landscape that is not flat? usually something unnatural like this:

with 845mm medium reversed nd

The darkest part literally is cutting the hills, in this case it doesn’t look natural so except for an artistic interpretation try to avoid this.

For comparison this is the same lanscape without the filter. More natural… but now the clouds are overblown. In this case you need a graudated soft filter:

without 845mm medium reversed nd

Without the filter. As you can see for the lost highlights in the clouds a graduated filter still would be necessary.

The trick is quite simple: buy a reverse graduated filter whose dark part is bigger than the diameter of your lens so you can invert the filter and align the middle (the darkest part) with the top of your lens and the top (the less dark part) with the bottom. Then it would be similar to another filter called attenuator. That way I make photographs in landscapes with hills.

forgotten empire

Using my method I can use the reverse gnd like a soft filter.

across the hill a gold land

I loved the clouds in the part illuminated by the sunset so I used the filter despite annulling the hills.

A shape in “V” is quite complicated to resolve with graduated filters. Perhaps HDR could be useful but that’s another complication I don’t want to introduce into my shots.

remember the future

See the tree in the right. It’s noticeable the line of the shadow of the filter. I cropped it to dissimulated it a bit but you can see it.

In wide angle lenses the line of these filters is more noticeable, a way to reduce it is reducing the aperture to f8 for example. Here I admit that a soft gnd would be ideal, but I can live without it (2019 update: I ended getting a soft gnd from 84.5mm hehe, they are useful /n\).

  • High quality filter with no color casts.
  • Very affordable prices with regular promotions.
  • They send worldwide (I live in Peru)
  • Several lines for cokin P size and professional size.
  • Resistance to flares.
  • Durable considering the material.
  • They’re made of resin, durable but they scratch anyway. These days Chinese have lines in high quality glass.
  • They don’t sell a box to storage them, in their package they scratch with the time and to the size I choose, taller than the square Cokin P filters but with 84.5mm of width hence the name, there is no box were to reduce the damage.

They are the best alternative in relation quality/price I got. So I bought one the last year and another one this year. But this is a hobby to me so I cannot justify to buy every year again and again, in my personal case I’m going to buy a Chinese one, a bit pricier but not so much. If you are used to resin filters I can recommend warmly these filters for you.

*UPDATE: You can see the official page of 84.5mm with the e-shop here.

so many kinds of light

perfect landscape

Clouds visiting the earth

clouds visiting the earth

I’m back from my little trip :P I went to Tacna city and slept there one night. I went also with the intention to travel to Chile but things took another turn.

In Tacna I went to a special fair of clothes called “Miami” and well, going to shopping and spending some money give me some peace. This because I’m quite austere, so to balance my behavior I intentionally do some banal things.

I bought an Armani leather jacket and some light sweaters and shirts. This time I choose designs with 90’s youth style, I noticed that my current style had so much muted designs… In part I choose it to be more presentable to my absent lady, also I bought for her a doll of an anime character she likes, and to myself a Homer Simpson doll. After that I went to the downtown and took some photographs to my readers ;-) We are in autumn so the climate was soft and warm.

I went to a hotel and I tried my luck and called to the lady I wrote before here and to my surprise she was there and we met a while. She was gorgeous as always and she gave me a much needed hug. We talked a bit but I noticed I was so disconnected. I guessed the reason and tried an experiment: I imagined she wasn’t her but my Ecuadorian lady and suddenly I was more animated, but then I noticed I was being a jerk for doesn’t paying her the attention she deserves; I excused me and said her that, and it was also truth, I was tired. She hugged me and as a lady didn’t ask me the reason, just asked me to call her and that I should insist to her cell phone if I’m there again. I nodded but my mind was definitively in other side.

I walked a bit and the world seemed full of Jessicas in the walls and adds. I ate a bit and went to my hotel. I’ve working for already several months and decided to just relax, I had asked a matrimonial room to have a bigger bed and took another bath, I tried the clothes and took some selfies for my corpse bride, a bit of slow pedicure and manicure, see TV movies in the cable (I never see TV) and watched “The Wolfman” with Benicio del Toro (save the asylum scene the plot was pretty dull and I didn’t like it) after that the last of America Pie series, and lastly I drew the schemes for an animated video I’m doing for a song I composed in my tablet, and the schemes for the fantastic/sci-fi story I wrote to a comic I hope to end the next week.

I wanted to go to Chile but in the morning I felt so tired and my mind is so in the clouds that I decided that the journey had been a lost time: being there without being there. I slept much more and arranged my stuff. Walked a bit the city and took a bus to come back. And here I am.

By the way the photograph is in the highlands from a bus in the highway in another trip. I still have to process the photographs of this journey.

Cotton shine

cotton shine

I’m still traveling but I got a public cabin with strong internet connection. Probably when this, again, scheduled post is published I will be in my laptop, or perhaps not, but at least it’s not going to happen the same issue as in my travel to Bolivia when I couldn’t post. It’s not a big deal, is just that I try to get at least an illusion of order in this chaotic blog. More news in Monday, take care dear visitor ;-)

I love clouds, I have some in my memory from several years ago. They just can change so fast and be another one, and even faster when the sunset is closer…

Falcon (perhaps)


I took this photograph at F8 when I didn’t know how to use well a camera, so the shutter was slow and it lost sharpness. I think it’s a falcon, I shot it in Umayo lagoon, near my city and know for its cemetery for the nobility at 3950 m of altitude (12 959 ft) In school we are taught about elephants or tigers but nothing about our own species, I think we call it “waman” that means eagle.

Fat clouds parade

fat clouds parade

Clouds when are in group seem to have a human intentionality in their movements, a kind of quiet goal. Of course it’s just several forces mathematically calculable that move them from one point to another. Perhaps its origin is in the flapping of a butterfly…

Tomorrow I’m heading to the South, perhaps I could go to the Chilean north a while. I’ll schedule a post just in case ;-)

Lady in ink

Dama en Tinta y Sangre

This drawing is based in a vignette of a story draw and told (a comic or fumetti considering that the author is Italian) by Hugo Pratt. It has some years and my brother’s cats were scratching it so I decided to scan it before it disappear even more…

The last days I wrote about the Divine Comedy and dreams. It’s already more than a month since the lady I love is absent. Every day I dream about her and to my despair some of them were nightmares: she loved other or she simply had forgotten me, I can control until some point my dreams so I’ve changed them for more positive stories. I assume she is preparing to decide which profession is she going to choose; I’m assuming that I’m not guilty. In the last times when I talked with her my work was heavier so I disconnected a week from the internet to finish it and have more time with her. That was something terribly wrong, she has priority above mere work, I couldn’t find words to say sorry but probably she had to travel. Who knows. It was the first time I feel this with a person I knew in internet so I don’t know much about it, just about what I feel. The first time when she just disappeared I wrote this farewell but I’m so tired of them, I mean, to say good bye. I think I’m going to do my best to be a better man and get to be with her. But it was inevitable to think in the poor Dante, he made a giant palace to his Beatriz, vast and perfect, but, among several things that means the Divine Comedy, one is about Dante’s nightmare: Beatriz is lost to him and when after crossing the distractions of the geography of hell and purgatory, he got to met her but he never got to be loved. In a certain way that subtle detail was the perfect hell to Dante: Beatriz is not saving him but punishing him; the dream turned into a sad nightmare.