Bearing up solar winds

Bearing solar winds

Ilo city… yesterday a customer called from there so tomorrow I’m travelling, it’s for work so probably I’m not going to have time to take some pictures, and we’re in winter so probably the sky is going to have that apathetic gray. in any case I’m going to schedule a pair of posts ahead ;-)

I liked this landscape from the shores of Pacific Ocean in Ilo because the sun seemed so strong that almost it seemed capable to move with its light the ship… it was in the last days of the summer in March…




The color version of this photograph was one of the first one I published in WordPress, a place near Imata, a place that was just for me because it’s outside the touristic places and at 4185 meters above the sea level (13 730 feet) there aren’t so many people going to there.

In such places you can feel a peace in part beautiful and in part lethal, something similar to climb without equipment I guess, you’re not seeing the nature but also fighting to don’t be surpassed by it (in this case the loneliness in the cold of the season)