24 thoughts on “Abertura

    1. Happy you see that way, actually I was in a hurry walking with two persons and grabbed the shots without chance to think much about them xP

  1. Ok, let me try this again, I’m on my iPad.. And it jumped. What a stunning shoot ,just perfect in everyday, I love brick , and the way you have the flowers centered.. Gorgeous work Francis

    1. I thought your comment was absolutely genius and amazing because with one letter you had abstracted the essential composition of my photograph!!! I’m glad you liked it ^_^

      1. Must have been heart-breaking this time, the copa america… still, better than the Argentine or Brazil ruling the roost, I suppose. Not like the disgraceful world cup the last time. Shameful, really… it was..

      2. That was a pity, I think it was at least better than the mess of the Japan-Korea world cup but it felt like a broken party, something went wrong and the cop ended in a strange way. About the Copa America it wasn’t so bad but still we get this feeling of cheating. And that fears seems realer considering how many functionaries of the continental Federation were arrested due to corruption charges…

      3. yes, I know… disgraceful.. Japan Korea I remember well.. yes, isn’t it? always some form of cheating or the other.. the last world cup, I felt so bad for Mexico.. and most other teams, actually.. and that farce whenever Brazil played, that was too much.. well, you are right.. FIFA has a lot to answer for..

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