12 thoughts on “Redhead

    1. Thanks Roberto for the gentleness to my words, the truth is that I just write the first I think when I post a photograph so I’ll say that instead of poetry (a matter I ignore) they’re more ideas. Greetings!

    1. Thanks kind lady, white is one of my favourite colours because it can adopt in its surface every one of the others and in this case it got the red of the sunset ^_^

  1. That’s a great image of a volcano at sunset, but your words provoke even stronger images….Greetings from Chachapoyas – all the best!

    1. Congratulations, you made it Chachapoyas ^_^! A place with so many mysteries and now with an adventurer friend ;-)
      Thanks for the compliments to my words, I’m glad they could touch your imagination. All the best and great evening ☺

  2. Wow what a breathtaking photo. It’s enough to recharge your batteries. Beautiful writing as well! Have a great weekend, Francis!

    1. Thanks Lucy ^_^, glad you liked, the volcano Misti is very beautiful, its name in Quechua means “white” Great weekend for you too kind miss :-)

  3. magnfique… I love volcanoes and this one has reminded me of Arenal de Costa Rica…
    * * *
    @”last red Sun kissing the snow…” – btw, it’s international kissing day!!!:-)))

    1. I remember your travel to Costa Riva and to me was amazing to see such a volcano in middle of the jungle ^_^

      I didn’t know about the kissing day, just that today is another winter day :D, I hope you can receive one special from your special partner :-) Gracias Mélanita, que pases bien!

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