A sunny winter afternoon walking

hold my hand says the blue man to the red lady

“Hold my hand” says the blue man to the red lady

Yesterday I had to go outside a while, so I wanted to walk a bit around the plaza, it was unexpected so I hadn’t my super camera ACME Brand to take pictures but my tablet which I use to show my work to possible customers. I don’t like to use the tablet to photograph because it’s not ergonomically friendly to my hand. But it was the only camera I had with me so I took some views. The most of my visitors are from the northern hemisphere. Peru is crossing the mirror so we’re in winter.

just shadows and mirrors

Just shadows and mirrors…

My main camera has a big sensor to avoid much processing and get something similar to what my mind saw, nevertheless that’s hard to achieve with the little sensor cameras of tablets or phones, even compact cameras, so with them I allow myself to edit heavily. In this photographs I used the Snapseed app of my tablet, I have used filters, modified contrast, cropped and in part even I used frames to match what I felt.

two lovers flying the empty walls of the forgotten city

Two lovers flying the empty walls of the forgotten city

The question with the camera was to foresee the future. The shutter lag and the time to focus, particularly in low light, make anticipate the shot two seconds before it happened. I started with a 0.3 megapixels camera and if you started like me with a cell phone then this behavior is something natural. Somebody that starts with DSLRs surely doesn’t know that problem (and for that reason could think in a cell phone as a toy) but also I guess that person lost the chance to train his/her mind to see the composition in the imagination and not in a screen or viewfinder.

a river of marble in the blue night

a river marble in the blue night

But here you are: you cannot blame the camera, the one used for this publication is one from an old Samsung tablet. Of course that’s seen from my perspective of a dude that likes to doesn’t forget what he sees so take some pics; I know in the context to be a professional a photographer needs the perfect tools to match his/her skill and vision.

14 thoughts on “A sunny winter afternoon walking

  1. love these Francis especially the river of marble, snapseed is a great app I have that too. Of course your pictures are great whatever camera you use :)

  2. I’m going to have to check out that snapseed app! I really like the “just shadows and mirrors” shot. I’ve seen amateur photogs with super-expensive cameras who couldn’t compose a shot so well. Also, I like the grainy texture to the “river of marble” shot. It would be such a different photo if it were in sharp focus. There are so many possibilities, even if you don’t have cutting-edge equipment. Thanks for reminding us :)

    1. Thanks for your words Melissa :-) I’m excited to see the continuation to the story in an (literally) obscure Peru. The app works if you have an android, at night is inevitable the grainy textures, although the app made it nicer :P

      1. I agree whole-heartedly :) Tomorrow, I’ll post part three of my adventure crossing the border into darkness. A great evening to you, R :D

      2. I went to a little trip, sorry for the time between your commentary and my reply :-/
        In any case I hope you had yesterday a great evening, and today a great evening, and if I don’t come, a great evening tomorrow ^_^

    1. I’m sure quite magnificent as in your wonderful adoptive land. Thanks Sylvie, you, and two other visitors, are the only ones from the Southern Hemisphere that share with me the winter :-)

  3. Fantastic work Francis, I love snapseed. Your lucky to have so much sun in your winter months. Here it’s very gloomy during our winter months. And I usually have to change the sky out with what ever devise I use to take my photos. I love the 2 lovers and the river of marble. Beautifully done.
    Have a splendid day

    1. I think Peru and USA share the same characteristic to have always a place with blue skies :-) I’m sure in winter Florida still gets that nice tropical landscape. Here in the coast it’s cloudy but in the highlands although cold the skies have a pure blue.
      Thanks kind lady for your compliments to my use of Snapseed, I almost don’t use it because my tablet usually is used to work so your comment says me that I’m in the correct road to use it :-)
      I have just to arrive from a little trip, I hope you had have a splendid day and you’re having a wonderful night.

      1. I guess your correct Francis with skies being different in different locals. I’m very far away from Florida. I live in western New York state, surrounded by 2 Great Lakes . , I guess you could say those bodies of water rule our weather most of the time ;)!
        Till next time, take care .

      2. And I also forgot to mention, I , like you don’t like to use my iPad to take pictures , for the same resins.. But we use what we have at the time.. Just not to miss a good shot;)

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