Verticals and horizontals

verticals and horizontals

A city of things, each one with its own story told in its texture and shape. Waiting for the time when we fall asleep to come alive as in a Disney movie, singing to dance songs releasing in their lyrics the infinite number of rumors with which the neighbors fill them in the day.

10 thoughts on “Verticals and horizontals

  1. Congratulations for third place! Two editions in a row on third place in Copa America, means something! I did not see the game, because i was away on a trip, but sports press has written beautifully about the peruvian team. Two players (Guerrero and Cueva), belong to the best team of the tournament. I saw the final match, but as a neutral spectator was not very pleasant. In Romania we have two daily newspapers and seven television channels exclusively dedicated for sport. As in Europe is competitional break, the Copa America was presented very extensive in the sports mass media, they were broadcast live all matches, but unfortunately in late-night. Overall, the level of play at the Copa America in 2015, was not very high. If all these teams had played in the Champions League, i think no one would have qualified in the top 16. The same is true for the European Championship. The big money from the Champions League, make the other continental or world level competitions, losing its importance. If a romanian club team (Steaua Bucuresti), is qualified for the final groups of the Champions League, where play six games, earns about 30 million euro, includes in this total all financial gains (can you imagine how much money can earn if is qualifying in superior stages of the competition). On Copa America 2015, first place was awarded by CONMEBOL with 4 million USA dollars, second place with 3 million USA dollars, 3rd place with 2 million USA dollars, and fourth place with 1 million USA dollars. In this moment 1 euro = 1,1 USA dollars. The differences about money are enormous. In this financial context, can not blame the players do not play the Copa America, as in the Champions League. In Europe, football is not just a sport from yars ’90. A lot of money, advanced procedure of doping and introducing of computer tehnology in football preparation process, transformed european football, into true gladiators fights. So, forget about the Copa America, European Championship or World Cup; i invite you to watch the Champions League. Unfortunately, it’s ultimate “real” competition, from football world! Footballers living in capitalist society, and would do anything to win the money. The sport glory became a secondary objective.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Dan. But to us, in the continent, the tournament has an air of corruption and a previously written plot. We can’t explain this very strange coup. The Peruvian team I think has accepted its condition of a minor player (thing that some stars playing in Europe doesn’t change) and with order obtained a great place.
      I didn’t see the last Peruvian game because I was too in a little trip, but I saw the final and I disliked it completely.
      About the competition if I’m not wrong the index for Europe is 1.0 and to South America is 0.98. Certainly the only two countries that could be close economically are Argentina and Brazil, the rest simply hadn’t the same economical level.

  2. What a crazy world you’ve created where a singing, dancing water tank would be spouting out (pun intended) lyrics about the stories shared while washing laundry. Or maybe it would have some sharp criticism about my singing in the shower….. I gotta tell you. That sounds more like Dreamworks than Disney. Just sayin’ ;)

    1. You’re darn right XD! it would be more part of the DreamWorks sarcasm than the pure world of Disney. Do you sing in the shower? I think that only happened in movies, but well, they’re movies from your country after all xP
      I read your last part of crossing to the darkness and fortunately it didn’t turn, despite the clichés of woman crossing alone to a wild country without light and a curious officer, into a horror story but in an anecdote to tell :-)

      1. Heck yeah, I sing in the shower! Especially if there’s hot water. Then I’ve got plenty to sing about ;)
        Thanks for reading my little border crossing story. You’re right, I could’ve taken it in a much different direction, but I could tell that there was nothing menacing about this fellow. He was just a bit lonely….
        I don’t like to rely on the kindness of strangers, but when I’m stuck, it’s always nice to meet a helpful person :)
        A great day to you, Francis!

      2. We’re similar about don’t trust strangers, although in my case I don’t rely mostly in adults despite being an adult myself.
        Great day for you too Melissa :-)
        Post-Data: Of course I read you, and I don’t need commentaries or likes to visit your chronicles, I think it’s quite interesting your point of view, and even better I love that you don’t hide your true words to hide for “respect” to the local readers but you’re true to yourself. Once a Englishman wrote something about my city and I commented that he was making wrong assumptions, naturally because he couldn’t understand the reasons he criticized, and explained why. My goal was to help him to understand the questions he had, not to censor him. He changed his well written text to say kinder words and I felt so bad :S, we should be always loyal to our truth. A big thank you!

      3. I never pretend to have all the answers when I write :)
        I greatly appreciate your feedback! It’s been amazing to have you along with me on this crazy ride through South America :)

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