Across the blue

across the blue

I saw a meme referred to the USA independence day, and it had the photo of the guy that sacrifice his life in the movie with Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum, a drunken old man with the legend “this man died 16 years ago to save us, happy independence day” and I dunno, I feel a bit dumb but that made me laugh.

This photograph was shot in Juliaca and I thought in the scene, in classic Hollywood cliché, when the Air Force One, the Presidential plane, scapes in the last second from the big explosion. Those years as a teenager I was crazy with action movies and fighter aircrafts. But as we men usually are kiddos but with age just older kiddos I still love action movies and fight aircrafts. My favorite plane ever is the SR-71 A.K.A. Blackbird.

10 thoughts on “Across the blue

  1. I used to live on RAF bases when I was a kid, my gad worked on the Lightning Jets, and they’re my fave plane. BTW Independence day 2 is being made, though without Will Smith :) Lovely shot of the plane escaping the clouds.

    1. My favourites from the RAF are the Harriers… they are so sci-fi! I enjoyed to see Independence Day but even as a teen to me it was cheese, so much that just a few days ago I discovered the actor was Jeff Goldblum! an actor I appreciate a lot for his work in a true classic of my childhood as “The Fly”
      I wonder how it was to live in RAF bases, we civilians imagine them with planes exploding every five seconds and missions from one pole to another. Our air force has Russian Sukhois (they’re my second favourite planes) to reduce the influence of USA geopolitics in our business we mostly buy from Russia, but they’re now so old that we say they’re planes air-earth because fly a while to after that collide in the earth xP

  2. I think that meme was supposed to make you laugh….especially how Randy Newman’s character sacrificed himself in the end shouting “Hello, boys! I’m baaaaack!” — Yeah, he died, but I still laughed.
    I liked that movie, even if it is “cheese” :)

    1. haha, that movie, I enjoyed it, but I noticed that I didn’t consider to see it again, for the dramatic parts I think. Thank you, hoping you’re having a great day ahead Melissa ;-)

  3. Sorry, it wasn’t Randy Newman — it was Randy Quaid. Yikes! It’s too early. I need coffee…

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