A street of fire

A street of fire

A street with fire of a celebration. The light comes from a structure with fireworks called “the castle,” it works this way: when a neighborhood has an anniversary there is a family chosen to be a kind of godfathers and finance a castle and music with food.

Usually those parties end with a lot of beer, and I dislike so much the beer xP, for that I just see them when they fire the castle.

18 thoughts on “A street of fire

    1. Fortunately I had read “V for Vendetta” by Alan Moore, there he speaks about Guy Fawkes. Yes, it’s similar in appearance, but the reasons are quite different and this kind of castles are quite common along the year. Thank you!

  1. amazing capture Francis, so much to see.. wonderful lighting. in the darkness. im usually not out at night, so my night time photography stinks:) i can truly appreciate this!!!!

    1. I’d love to do more night photography but that’s precisely one limitation of my camera, I need tripods or a sturdy surface and make long exposures… but sometimes there is time.
      Curiously I was thinking about that, I didn’t see fireworks in your holidays, but better… that means you were enjoying the night. Thanks kind lady :-)

      1. Well the truth is Francis I’m not a fan of fireworks at all . I don’t like crowds or the noise , besides .. Being already in for the night;)

      2. I understand it know :-) In any case I enjoyed your holidays in the forest, that seemed so strange but at the same time like a surprise, so I’m happy you like other things beyond the usual.

  2. What a cool way to celebrate a neighborhood’s anniversary! Is there a close feeling of kinship in these neighborhoods?
    You may not believe it, but in neighborhoods back home, people rarely speak to each other. It’s probably because we spend too much time interacting over the internet, punctuating the occasional comment with an emoticon :P
    I guess I can’t criticize too much…..

    1. I guess that yes, there is a closeness that I try to avoid XD, I respect the sexual orientation and the right to find happiness of everybody but after several guys that after drinking beer have tried to initiate a romance with me, and I don’t feel attracted to boys and you know how romantic can be gentlemen here, I don’t talk much to my neighbors beyond a respectful greeting. So the answer is yes, there is a close, I’d say exaggerated, feeling of kinship XD
      Don’t worry, that happens in cities a lot ;-) the bigger the city the bigger the solitude, and inversely the life in little towns can be a hell because practically there is no intimacy >XD

      1. You’re right about that one! I kind of like the anonymity and solitude that goes with living in large cities. In small towns everybody knows your business.
        Happy weekend to you :)

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