Some apples bought in Juliaca

A red bite

A red bite

When I was in the kindergarten I used to eat apples so big that to my proportion today they would look as melons, I liked to cut them in halves patiently just with the force of my hands. I hadn’t see them since twenty five years ago until the Tuesday when I was in my city, Juliaca, searching for some gadgets that I didn’t find. But suddenly I saw these so big apples in a tricycle in the street so I bought some of them and yesterday I took some pics.

You entered the wrong neighborhood

You entered the wrong neighborhood!

To get a sense of scale this egg can be a reference of their size. Juliaca doesn’t produce but lives of commerce, so even in winter in the highlands we’ve coffee and fruit from the jungles, papas and quinoa from the valleys, products from Bolivia and fish from the sea because we are in the middle of the roads that connect the jungle with the coast and Brasil and Bolivia to the Peruvian coast.


a tree for Gin

In the photograph above I wanted to create an abstracted tree of apples with the long shadows of a machine. I don’t know if you can see it but I can and I like it. It’s quite hard to get your vision.

Lost in the forest of apples

Lost in the forest of apples

This is the doll I bought to my absent lady. Is she going to come back any day? I hope so. But meanwhile I’ll think as if that is going to happen, it doesn’t matter if it’s a question of years or never.

Size and colors

size and colors

Those are little orange and a little lucuma, a native fruit we always had and that I like to make juice because although it has a sweet taste it’s a bit dry.

The green heart of a lonely apple

the green heart of a lonely heart

And this little heart is the only memory of a girl I met a pair of years ago, it’s an interesting story I’ll tell in the next weeks. For today I hope to have awaken your appetite ;-)

10 thoughts on “Some apples bought in Juliaca

  1. Yes, sometimes certain memories return and set’s our pen on fire … :)

    Love these giant red apples and the story you told.

    Have a nice weekend,

  2. I really like these shots Francis, lovely compositions, especially like the little figure in amongst the giant apples. Reminds me of Land of The Giants :)

    1. It’s called Gaara from Naruto anime series, my absent lady showed me some chapters with him so I thought she could like it… I saw when kid Land of The Giants, I was fan of Doctor Smith in Lost in Space so my favorite episode was when he acted as, if I’m not wrong, a kind of pied pier of Hamelin there. Those years I used to see Zorro, Lost in Space and The Time Tunnel, when there was electricity I mean XD

  3. These apples are so inviting ! I would love to eat them, right now !! I love apple, these fruits are so refreshing, and you can eat them (as many as you won’t) and it won’t affect your diet too much, as it will actually use more energy to digest them compared to the energy they bring to your body.

    I like the first shot, the light is gorgeous and of course, the one with the miniature, it’s so cute!

    1. Yeah, I’m appleholic too!!! the only apple I don’t like is Apple XP, I’m glad you liked them, these were shot for you ;-) although for the hour difference I don’t know if my tomorrow was also the tomorrow in UK.
      I took these shots a bit before the sunset so the light would be strong and warmer, yes, the little figure… it gives a bit of life in otherwise, without it, very still compositions. If you want to see more about it you can search “Gaara” in google. I bought it as a gift so I considered to take some pics… Thank you :-)
      Post-Data: These apples taste fantastic! I’m sure we export them to England, they could be in a kind of market there ;-)

      1. haha, I don’t like this apple either :-)

        I was reading a lot of mangas a few years ago, and then there was this blog, and I didn’t have enough time to do both :D

        I’m not surprised they taste fantastic ! They look amazing ! :D

      2. My favorite animes and mangas are from a time ago as well, as Escaflowne, Dragon Ball (except GT) Akira and Evangelion. Just a months ago thanks to my lady I saw some more, among others, as Watamote, Le Portrait de Petite Cossette, or Deadman Wonderland. Well, thanks for your time, I’m sure your time is already short with your blog and your personal life so take care and have a great Sunday ^_^

      3. Oh yes, these anime were the first I saw… maybye 15-20 years ago :D The old ones are still the best, even if they managed to publish some nice one recently :-)

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