A bit of light

a bit of light

It would be nice a bit of peace… so I’ll close my eyes and I’ll let the world pass -_-


In another side of the information I’m playing with musical apps in my laptop and tablet composing rhythms using a system with the keyboard to bypass the musical notation that I ignore; but I couldn’t find one to get violin sounds, I went to my parents’ home in Juliaca to ask for the old violin but it shone by its absence. Anyway, when kid I played it and I remember it hadn’t a good sound so I’m searching in evilbay but it seems it’s a luxury instrument with specific requirements as wood dried at least thirty years. In any case I’ll wait for an app, perhaps a violin for somebody who doesn’t now how to play a real instrument is overkill.

7 thoughts on “A bit of light

    1. Yep, for now I’ll playing my piano app and my box of sounds :-), I was searching to build one (I know the place with the most expensive Peruvian woods, they have provided to luxury hotels in Abu Dhabi) but certainly the tax is complex, I’m better clapping with my hands :P

    1. I’m glad you liked it kind lady, that tip can be a burned highlight quite easy and is hard to place a grad, so I’ve to underexpose for it. I’ll patient and I’ll find an app, I just wanted to add a pair of notes, not to make songs completely with it :D

  1. Well aren’t you a man of many interests?
    I love the photo of the mountain. It’s very simple, but powerful, and yes, very peaceful.
    I wish for your heart to be at peace, but I think, for you, this is impossible.
    So I’ll just wish you a good night and a good rest :)

    1. Thanks Melissa, I don’t know if many interests but just I think I can grab so many things I haven’t studied with a sense of fun. If I would study literature, photography or music I’m quite sure I’d write, photograph and play instruments without soul or fun.
      Thanks and, perhaps you’ve plans ahead, great evening for you ;-)

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