Mythology of Apus

mythology of apus

This starving darkness devouring my whole life

my lady has forgotten me

in a grey universe.


Long ago disappeared the last star.

A language of pain is this night

made with a black veil.


I feel it fall, the point beyond the end

where only an old inertia remains.

And my Apus so far away.


In this kingdom the pleasures are ashes

and happiness is a place in the past.

Why does exist a reality like this?


In loveless lands a dragon prefers to sleep,

there is no reason for him to fly

anymore these empty skies


I would love to be again a rock against the rain

of a primitive world before men had voice.

But I’m just a forgotten boy.


I’m not even the shadow of a memory to my lady

and the night is time leaving a void inside

Why are my Apus so far away?




(Apus are sacred hills in the Andean highlands of what once was the Inca Empire and the empires before; they are the origin or producers of mankind, in this way to see the world there is no need of a god or gods creators of humanity)